Australia-Italy Comparative Co-operative Symposium

25th Jul 2013  - 26th Jul 2013

The Co-operative Research Group will host the third and final symposia related to the Italy/Australia Co-operatives Research Project on Thursday 25 July and Friday 26 July 2013. This project brings together co-operative researchers from Italy and Australia to compare the state of the co-operative sector and focuses on particular issues.

Australia-Italy Comparative Co-operative Symposium Presentations


Melina Morrison Opening Address
 National Associations Conversion - Table 2
 Pitta Caffini - Housing
 Albanese Jensen - Worker Co-operatives
 Albanese Villani - Social Capital
 Consumer coops- Battilani-Balnave-Patmoreppt
 CRG Social Media
 Indigeneous cooperatives Skoko et al
 Jensen Knox Tortia - From the Neoliberal to the Participatory Firm
 National Associations Conversion-table 1
 Patmore Jensen Tortia Introduction
 Sacchetti-Tortia The Silver Lining of Cooperation
 National Associations O'Leary, Patmore and Zevi
 Borzaga Depedri - Italian social coops
 Coop 250713_upload version