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Current Higher Degree by Research Students


CandidateWorking titleDegreeSupervisor(s)
Md Nurul Alam The accurate prediction of financial distress: An empirical analysis of the effect of credit default swaps and short sales on credit riskPhDStewart Jones
David Johnstone
Adibah Jamaluddin The consumption of accountingPhDJim Rooney
Yi Jiang Modeling corporate financial distress in ChinaPhDStewart Jones
David Johnstone
Benjamin Lay Determinants of shareholder dissent on remuneration-related resolutionsMPhilSandra van der Laan
Stewart Jones

Business Analytics

CandidateWorking titleDegreeSupervisor(s)
Wilson Chen Estimation and forecast of value-at-risk using Bayesian methodsPhDRichard Gerlach
Boris Choy
Maria Jofre Corporate Fraud PredictionPhDRichard Gerlach
Wai Yin (Jessica) Leung Predictive modelling in insurancePhDDmytro Matsypura
Boris Choy
Junbin Gao
Rasika Yatigammana Modelling of liquidity risks through the estimation and forecasting of an ACD modelPhDRichard Gerlach
Shelton Peiris
Jian Zhai Multivariate risk, fat tail distribution and copulaPhDArtem Prokhorov

Business Information Systems

CandidateWorking titleDegreeSupervisor(s)
Cheuk Hang (Allen) Au Digital EntrepreneurshipMPhilBarney Tan
Asaf Dori Developing an inter-disciplinary framework for governing Cyber SecurityMPhilCatherine Hardy
Christian Ehnis PhD
David Goad Internet of things: The path to improved benefits realizationMPhilUri Gal
Natalie Hardwicke Practices in Juxtaposition: Tensions in social software appropriation projectsPhDKai Riemer
Tim Mahlberg Alter-identity performance via social technologies in professional service contextsPhDKai Riemer
Priyadharshini Muthukannan Fintech ecosystem developmentMPhilBarney Tan
Jo Orsatti PhD
Vitalina Pishchenko Evidence-based management for enterprise social networking successPhDUri Gal
Mike Seymour Exploration of the next generation of human-computer interaction using interactive photo-realistic facial avatarsPhDKai Riemer
Judy Kay
Anna Zaitsev PhD

Business Law

CandidateWorking titleDegreeSupervisor(s)
Fei Gao Is enterprise doctrine going to solve transfer pricing problems? – A research of China’s transfer pricing regimeMPhilAntony Ting
David A. Chaikin


CandidateWorking titleDegreeSupervisor(s)
Petra Andrlikova Asymmetric dependencePhDJamie Alcock
Peilin Cai The effect of sovereign credit rating on foreign direct investmentPhDSuk-Joong Kim
Bei Chen Predictive analysis of Peer-to-Peer lendingPhDQuan Gan
Eliza Wu
Joshua Della Vedova Behavioural drivers of momentumPhDJoakim Westerholm
Andrew Grant
Anne Haubo Dyhrberg An analysis of the possibilities in digital currenciesPhDSean Foley
Jiri Svec
Yang Gao Financial crises and contagion effectsPhDHenry Leung
Stephen Satchell
Gerry Hiscock On the relative efficiency of Smart Beta and factor modelsPhD Hamish Malloch
Andrew Ainsworth
Dirk Houben Equity index jump risk in equilibriumPhDHamish Malloch
Stephen Satchell
Yun Ling Size effect of hedge fundsPhDJuan Yao
Stephen Satchell
Shuang Liu Analyst Forecast Dispersion and Market Return Predictability: Does Conditional Equity Premium Play a Role?PhDBuhui Qiu
Juan Yao
Byoung-Kyu Min
Md. Ahasan Habib Sarkar Mutual Funds Trading Activity, Skills and Fund BehaviorPhDJoakim Westerholm
Buhui Qiu
Thomas To Three essays in empirical corporate financePhDEliza Wu
Marco Navone
Liang Wen Asset PricingMPhilQuan Gan
Byoung-Kyu Min
Vycke Zheng Wu Price discovery and Trading by Foreign Institutional Investors and Domestic Retail InvestorsPhDJoakim Westerholm
Shumi Akhtar
Hui Henry Zhang Risk factor, anomaly and its applicationPhDStephen Satchell
Joakim Westerholm

Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies

CandidateWorking titleDegreeSupervisor(s)
David Alexander Modelling of Parallel Air Networks developed within Air Transport Markets and Multi-Airport SystemsPhDRico Merkert
Matthew Beck
Tony Arnold Walking and cycling in an autonomous futurePhDStephen Greaves
Michiel Bliemer
Meysam Arvan Dynamic guidance in a behaviourally informed forecasting support systemPhDBehnam Fahimnia
Mohsen Reisi
Camila Balbontin Integrating attribute decision heuristics into travel choice modelsPhDDavid Hensher
Andrew Collins
James Bushell How to better coordinate operators in the passenger transport industry to provide better mobility as a servicePhDRico Merkert
David Hensher
Soumen Chakraborty Future Transport Network Modelling with the impact of Autonomous Vehicles (AVs)PhDMichiel Bliemer
Matthew Beck
Kam Fung Cheung Cyber Security in Supply Chain ManagementPhDMichael Bell
Behnam Fahimnia
Mary Chiang Aviation management and change managementMPhilRico Merkert
Jyotirmoyee Bhattacharjya
David Emerson A study of a Community Franchise business model of public transport service deliveryPhDCorinne Mulley
Michiel Bliemer
Mehrnoosh Enjelasi Behavioral supply chain modelling and analysisPhDBehnam Fahimnia
Andrew Collins
Muhammad Fayyaz Investigating travel choice behaviour: a new approach using interactive experiments with driving simulators.PhDMichiel Bliemer
Matthew Beck
Arda Gezdur Digitization in the Oil and Gas Industry: Challenges and Opportunities for Supply Chain PartnersPhDJyotirmoyee Bhattacharjya
Rico Merkert
Md Mahbubul Hakim An economic analysis of air transport demand in south asian countriesPhDRico Merkert
Michael Bell
Jason Hurley The Ripple Effect Caused by Judgmental Forecast AdjustmentsPhDBehnam Fahimnia
Mohsen Reisi
Gareth Jude The Personal Supply ChainPhDBehnam Fahimnia
Jeffrey Newton Cost management in customer-supplier relationships and networks with a focus on activity based costingPhD David Walters
Andrew Collins
Niles Perera Repercussions of sales promotions on ordering decisions for dependent demand itemsPhDBehnam Fahimnia
Mohsen Reisi
Supun Perera Network Theoretic Modelling of Supply Chain Growth, Structure and DynamicsPhDMichael Bell
Michiel Bliemer
Mark Raadsen Traffic assignment aggregation techniquesPhDMichiel Bliemer
Michael Bell
Ang Shi The impacts of low-cost carriers on market dynamics and its implications on air transport policies for the ASEAN airline industry / aviation sectorMPhilXiaowen Fu
Rico Merkert
Christopher Standen The value of slow travelPhDStephen Greaves
Andrew Collins
Hassan Swidan Aviation management, airlines profitability, fuel hedging, hedging and risk management. How fuel hedging and risk management affect airline profitabilityPhDRico Merkert
Oh Kang Kwon
Maryam Teymoury Behavioral decision-making in supply chain transformationPhDBehnam Fahimnia
Sonali Tripathi Digitization in Supply Chain: Transforming supply chain business network with Big Data AnalyticsMPhilJyotirmoyee Bhattacharjya
Rico Merkert
Nina Verzosa Improving travel survey methodsPhDStephen Greaves
Richard Ellison
Shengda Zhu Vertical Integration in the Maritime Industry—Container Shipping Companies' Investments in Ports and TerminalsMPhilXiaowen Fu
Michael Bell
Yale Z Wong Integrated mobility services and contractual structuresPhDDavid Hensher
Corinne Mulley
Ines Österle An analysis of the factors driving a reduction in car travel in AustraliaMPhilCorinne Mulley
Geoffrey Clifton

International Business

CandidateWorking titleDegreeSupervisor(s)
Estee Ch'ng Internationalization and the outsidership challenge: A longitudinal process case study of a firm entering a foreign marketPhDSid Gray
Chinmay Pattnaik
Chui (Connie) Chan Effects of home country dynamics on Internationalisation: A Study of Chinese Outbound Investment in Agrifood SectorPhDChinmay Pattnaik
Hans Hendrischke
Eun Su (Jeannie) Lee Strategies of Social EnterprisesPhDBetina Szkudlarek
Catherine Welch
Wei Liu CEO Celebrity and Firm PerformancePhDVikas Kumar
Gracy (J.Y.) Yang
John-Paul Monck Risk governance optimisationPhDGuy Ford
Nimer Uraidi The impact of institutional evolution on business groups and the role of dynamic capabilitiesMPhilVikas Kumar
Gracy (J.Y.) Yang
Tamara Oyarce Integration in Agribusiness industry between Australian and Chinese firmsMPhilHans Hendrischke
Emma Penzo Internationalisation of NGOsPhDCatherine Welch
Damien Cahil
Arpit Raswant The Impact of Subnational Home Country Factors on Internationalisation of Emerging Market FirmsPhDChinmay Pattnaik
Vikas Kumar
Carl Runde Organizational structure, process and innovation outcomesPhDGuy Ford
Carlos Vazquez Phenomenology of innovationMPhilCatherine Welch
Betina Szkudlarek


CandidateWorking titleDegreeSupervisor(s)
John Edwards B2B Sales Performance and the role of IntraprenuershipPhDCatherine Sutton-Brady
Ellese Ferdinands Instafame: Social media influencers and the transfer of online status into offline spacesPhDTeresa Davis
Madhumita Nanda Role of images in social media on brand post popularityMPhilSteven Lu
Shivaun Sarkis Fighting emotion with emotion in financial decision makingPhDRohan Miller
Ellen Garbarino
Sik Chuen (Max) Yu Political Ideology and Word-of-MouthPhDDonnel Briley
Pennie Frow

Strategy, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

CandidateWorking titleDegreeSupervisor(s)
Maegan Baker Entrepreneurial capacity building in indigenous communities: an engaged critical realist approach to collaborative social empowermentMPhilLeanne Cutcher
Fannie Couture Inter-organizational dynamics; The case of trade associationsPhDJane Lê
David Oliver
Jarryd Daymond The multimodality of strategy work: How practices of materiality and discourse combine in the strategy processPhDEric Knight
Jane Lê
Stephanie Dunk Towards an ethic of economic relationsPhDLeanne Cutcher
Chin Jou (History)
Gaia Grant How top management teams experience paradoxical demands in strategising for sustainable innovationPhDEric Knight
Suresh Cuganesan
Bonnie Stanway Universities as linguistic marketplaces: utilising diverse languages on campusPhDStefan Meisiek
John Shields

Work and Organisational Studies

CandidateWorking titleDegreeSupervisor(s)
Hamdan Alanazi Managing Employee Expectation and Motivation in a High Pay and High Job Security Work ContextPhDJohn Shields
James Rooney
Mina Askovic Corporate volunteering: The karmic paycheck?PhDLeanne Cutcher
Anya Johnson
Jacqui Campbell Changing shades of blue reshape police organisational culturePhDSuzanne Jamieson
Dimitria Groutsis
Anne Dickson Corporate environmental disclosure: composing representations of naturePhDChristopher Wright
Daniel Nyberg
Mihajla Gavin The strategic response of the New South Wales Teachers’ Federation in times of neoliberalism: The case of teachers’ work and conditionsPhDSusan McGrath-Champ
Marian Baird
Sally Hanna-Osborne The employment and career experiences of women paramedicsPhDRae Cooper
Marian Baird
Alexandra Heron Organisational policies and employee eldercare responsibilities: the role of the line managerPhDMarian Baird
Leanne Cutcher
May Lloyd Grey is the New Grey, ‘Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation’ (The Who 1965)MPhilDiane van den Broek
Anya Johnson
Tien Nguyen How does board capital contribute to firm performance?PhDJohn Shields
Mark Westcott
Nate Zettna Antecedents and consequences of employee silencePhDHelena Nguyen
Susan McGrath-Champ