The group aims to:

  • provide high quality interdisciplinary research;
  • enhance industry resource and capability development;
  • influence practice by collaborating with organisations to create insights about, and methodologies enhancing, knowledge development and application processes
  • inform the policy agenda at the enterprise and industry level
  • improve the quality of teaching in courses relating to knowledge and resources

Improvement to the rate of knowledge development and its application to create new economic and community value is integral to economic and social well-being and a focus of organisations, education, government (policy) and community life.

The importance of knowledge development is well documented and lies at the core of key aspects of education and industry policy. An overlooked area is the study of technics - the interplay of technological innovation and art, individual and social skills - to explore embodied (tacit) or embedded knowledge. Both are central to the strategic management of organisations.

Failure to consider tacit knowledge and its relationship to organisational resources can lead to a reduction in relative productivity, a decline in competitiveness and diminished social outcomes. DOKTOR will facilitate research investigating:

  • knowledge or knowing by itself and as it is embodied in or accompanies other resources;
  • the influence of knowledge on, and how it is influenced by, organisational and economic activity and success;
  • social relationship driven knowledge development, within organisations and organisational networks;
  • differential knowledge effects arising from organisational differences;
  • the influence of power relations on knowledge construction.