Dinner with Dave Snowden

The DOKTOR Research Group at the University of Sydney recently hosted a dinner with internationally renowned researcher and consultant, Dave Snowden on 2 November 2011.

David Snowden is the founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Cognitive Edge. His work is in the area of naturalising sense-making, seeking to base social science research and practice in the natural science. He is generally considered to be a pioneer in the application of complex adaptive systems theory to a range of social issues, and in the development of narrative as a research method.

Dinner with Larry Prusak

The DOKTOR Research Group at the University of Sydney was delighted to host a dinner with internationally renowned researcher and consultant, Larry Prusak on 18 July 2011.

A noted authority in his field, Larry has lectured and published widely. and was the founder and Executive Director of the Institute for Knowledge Management at IBM engaging in advancing the practice of knowledge management through action research. Larry has had extensive experience, in the US and internationally, in helping major organisations and corporations such as Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, NASA and World Bank work with their information and knowledge resources. He has also consulted with many US and overseas government agencies and international organisations. He is a Professor of Practice at Columbia University in their Information and Knowledge Strategy Program and is the co-author of Working Knowledge, which has sold over 100,000 copies and been translated in 12 languages.

In a major coup for the Business School of the University of Sydney the DOKTOR Research Group was able to entice Larry to come to Sydney. In his four days with us he engaged in a very powerful video interview, provided individual time for discussions with many academics and PhD researchers and was the keynote speaker at a dinner on July 18. At the dinner Larry gave an engaging and inspiring talk about knowledge in organisations, sharing stories of his experiences working in the knowledge field for over 30 years. He also spoke at length about his forthcoming book on organisational judgement. The dinner was attended by practitioners and academics, who enjoyed the opportunity to meet and talk with Larry.


The New Realities for Driving Supply Chain Excellence

DOKTOR co-hosted an Executive Briefing with the Supply Chain Council on 3 December 2010, "The New Realities for Driving Supply Chain Excellence". These briefings featured one of the world's most popular speakers on supply chain management, SCC Executive Director Joseph Francis. Mr. Francis presented the results of recent meetings with global supply chain leaders and their ideas for managing supply chain costs better, being more responsive, enhancing supply chain security, increasing resiliency, improving sustainability, and both supporting innovation and being more innovative.

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Research Workshop - Professor Robert Grant

A research workshop was held in the afternoon of the 4th August, in which Professor Grant provided an overview of the research stream that has gone from the 'resource-based view' to the 'knowledge-based view', to the development and microstructures of 'organizational capabilities' with particular emphasis on the growing acceptance of case-based qualitative research methods.

Dinner Forum - Professor Robert Grant

Professor Robert Grant, originator of the 'knowledge-based view of strategy' and a leader in business strategy education and practice research was the guest at a dinner forum at The University of Sydney on 4th August 2010, organised by the DOKTOR group.

The topic of the forum was Recent Developments in Strategic Management: A Post Crisis Assessment.