Educational Practice in Business Research Group

Aim of the Educational Practice in Business Research Group

The Educational Practice (EPB) in Business Research Group was established in 2016. The aim of the group is to foster, facilitate, promote and disseminate research in teaching and learning. This includes conducting research on and for education. The research of the group investigates the structures, processes, products and people that are part of education in business schools. The research encompasses a broad range of methods appropriate to inquiry in teaching and learning, and aims at publications in quality, peer-reviewed journals. It has the potential to inform the development of new, evidence-based educational practices that enhance student learning.

The group’s members represent expertise and interests from across disciplines, making it possible to foster, facilitate and promote cross-disciplinary research. As part of the group’s activities it will actively support its members in applying for research grants and funding in educational research, and create opportunities such as seminars and conferences to share work-in-progress and to engage colleagues in the Business School and scholarly community more broadly. These seminars will focus on sharing research results, experimental educational approaches and experiences.

The group aims to actively develop research relationships with other Faculties and educational groups at the University of Sydney such as Educational Innovation, the Faculty of Education, and the Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation (CRLI). Some members of the group are also members of other research groups in the Business School. Dual membership between members of this group and other groups is viewed as beneficial as it provides a link between discipline-based and educational research being conducted in the school, and opportunities for strengthening the nexus between teaching and research.

All staff in the Business School are welcome to join the group.