About us

The upper echelons of large corporations make decisions that affect businesses, society and the life of ordinary people. The impact of such decisions is profound in terms of both economic and societal consequences. The aim of this research group is to investigate the effects of strategic leadership and governance around the globe.

Increasing globalisation and international competition has changed the competitive landscape within which top executives and corporate directors govern their firms. Not only do companies expand internationally but they also face increased international competition in their domestic markets. Top decision-makers need to develop special skills and abilities to cope with such challenges and meet the increasing international demands towards improved leadership and governance.

The research group seeks to create a center of excellence at the Business School of the University of Sydney in the area of strategy and international business with a specific focus on top management teams and boards of directors.

The aims of this research group are:

  1. To create a network of Australian researchers in the area of strategic leadership and corporate governance; develop collaborative research projects and strengthen networks with leading scholars around the globe
  2. To publish research on strategic leadership and corporate governance in the leading international journals
  3. To disseminate relevant research findings to businesses and policy makers; organise workshops and business seminars to actively engage with industry;
  4. To assist members in securing research grants and funding and help junior researchers develop their academic careers