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ARC Discovery Project

Australian Research Council

It's only human: Understanding why errors occur in skilled behaviour

Prof AM Williamson; Dr ST Shorrock; Ms H Nguyen

Work and Organisational Studies

Project Summary

There is evidence that error plays a major role in the causes of workplace injury and errors in skilled behaviour are the most common type of error leading to occupational accidents. It is likely that skill based error is also important in causing fatal and severe injury in other settings. If we want to reduce or prevent injury, tackling the causes of error, and especially skill based error, must be a prime target. By reducing skill based error in the workplace, current estimates suggest that loss of life would be reduced by about 200 cases per year and annual direct and indirect costs to the community by $484 million. Similar benefits are likely to emanate from reducing skill based error in other settings.

2010 $ 120,000
2011 $ 40,000
2012 $ 100,000
Total $260,000

Administering Organisation: The University of New South Wales