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ARC Linkage Project 2016-2019

Prince of Wales Hospital
Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care
South Eastern Sydney Local Health District

The Silent Killer: Advancing Knowledge on Silence and its Impact on Errors and Safety

Dr Helena Nguyen; Dr Anya Johnson; Professor Sharon P arker; Professor Ann Williamson; Professor Markus Groth; Dr Brett Molesworth; Associate Professor Patrick Bolton; Dr Suellen Allen; Dr Nicola Dunbar; Ms Karen Tuqiri; Ms Kim Olesen

Work and Organisational Studies

Project Summary

This project will investigate how silence emerges in teams, what sustains it, and how it affects error and safety outcomes. Employees often choose to remain silent about important issues at work, which can have devastating consequences. Although silence is a complex individual phenomenon, there is little knowledge of silence as a collective phenomenon, or how it spreads and becomes the norm in teams and organisations. This project will investigate silence using multilevel, longitudinal designs and by testing novel interventions. This research is expected to affect how teams work and communicate effectively to reduce dangerous forms of silence and improve safety.




$230,000.00 (AUD)