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University of Sydney Business School’s Industry Partnership Grant

International Transport Forum at the OECD
International Institute of Transport and Logistics

Airport Governance and Improved Regulation

Xiaowen Fu

Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies

Project Summary

Major airports around the world were traditionally owned and operated directly by national or local governments. Deregulation in the airline industry promoted the adoption of new airport policies and alternative ownership forms. Airport governance and regulation significantly influence airport performances in terms of airport charges, service quality level, efficiency and productivity. This study aims to achieve the following objectives: (a) identify shifting paradigms for airport governance and regulation, and their implications to airport operation particularly capacity investment; (b) investigate the associated economic and welfare implications, so that the best business practices and government policies can be identified and recommended to stake-holders. These objectives will be achieved through comprehensive empirical studies, based on which novel analytical models will be constructed and examined.


1 September 2016 – 31 December 2017


$55,000 (AUD)