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Early Career Researcher Grant Scheme

Information and communication technology as media for organizational knowledge

Sebastian Boell

Business Information Systems

Project Summary

This research analyzes the long-term implications of information and communication technologies and media (ICTM) in relation to organizational structures, processes and goals (OSPG) on effective organizational information and knowledge management (IKM). Effective IKM is essential for all organizations to conduct their day-to-day operations and to sense and respond to opportunities, challenges and threads. To date no framework for understanding the long-term dynamics of change between ICTM and OSPG is available. This will be the first research unpacking the long-term interchange between OSPG and ICTM regarding organizational IKM with the aim of developing a framework describing the change process over time.


1/08/2016 - 31/08/2017


$10,500 (AUD)