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Past Grants

Recipient Project Summary Type Years
Dr RA Letcher; Mr D Graham; Prof DA HensherAssessing willingness to pay for urban water, wastewater, gas and electricity delivery service standardsARC Linkage Grant2006-2009
Prof PR StopherDeveloping Tour Based Models for an Integrated Land Use, Transport and Environment Model System for AustraliaARC Discovery Project2007-2009
Prof DA Hensher; Prof PR Stopher; Dr SP Greaves; Mr RW WhelanExploring Behavioural Responses of Motorists to Exposure-Based Charging MechanismsARC Linkage Grant2007-2009
Prof DA HensherIntegrating Accident and Travel Delay Externalities in an Urban Speed Reduction ContextARC Discovery Project2007-2009
Prof DA Hensher; Prof PR StopherDevelopment of a behavioural system of stated choice models: modelling behavioural, pricing and technological opportunities to reduce automobile energy levelsARC Discovery Project2007-2009
Prof J Guthrie; Prof CA Adams; Ms C Boedker; Prof J Mouritsen; Prof G RoosVisualising Value in Australian Organisations: Case Studies in Extended Performance Management, Measurement and ReportingARC Linkage Grant2007-2009
A/Prof S Cuganesan; Prof RW Dunford; Prof IC PalmerFlexible Forms of Organising, Management Control Systems and Performance in Organisations Fighting Serious and Organised CrimeARC Linkage Grant2007-2010
Dr JD Buchanan; Ms B van Wanrooy; Ms GA ConsidinWorkChoices and the Evolution of Australian Working Life: The Changing Role of the Labour ContractARC Linkage Grant2007-2011
Prof Elizabeth Cowley; Dr Christina AnthonyReducing irresponsible gambling: Changing a justification to an avoidance strategyARC Discovery Project2008-2010
Dr MA Figliozzi; Dr SP GreavesModelling the Environmental Impacts of Commercial Vehicle Tours and Freight Management Policies in Urban AreasARC Discovery Project2008-2010
Prof A Frino; Dr A Lepone; Prof JS Gans; Prof B NalebuffUnderstanding market mechanisms to achieve greater efficiency in the Australian residential real estate marketARC Linkage Grant2008-2010
Prof DS Grant; Dr RW Hall; Dr NR Wailes; Dr KF DeryHuman resource information systems (HRIS) and the strategic significance of the human resource functionARC Linkage Grant2008-2010
Prof RC McCallum; Dr S Jamieson; Dr T SchofieldWorkplace Death and Injury: Re visiting the Regulatory Impact of Prosecution and DeterrenceARC Discovery Project2008-2010
Prof S Elliot; Prof M WilliamsDeveloping and Managing Sustainable Technology Enabled Innovation Capabilities: An Information Systems ApproachARC Discovery Project2008-2012
Dr R Gerlach; Prof MS SmithBayesian Inference for Flexible Parametric Multivariate Econometric ModellingARC Discovery Project2009-2011
Prof RD Lansbury; Dr MP Baird; Dr RW Hall; Dr NR WailesBeyond our Control? The Impact of Multinational Corporations on Industrial Relations in AustraliaARC Discovery Project2009-2011
Dr MH Dungey; A/Prof OT Henry; Prof MD McKenzieUnderstanding the Behaviour and Impact of Bond MarketsARC Discovery Project2009-2011
Dr DA Chaikin; A/Prof JC SharmanThe Nexus between Corruption and Money Laundering: Typologies and Policy ResponsesARC Discovery Project2009-2011
Dr K Howard; A/Prof S Jan; Dr A Cass; Dr J Rose; A/Prof SJ Chadban; Prof RD AllenCommunity preferences for organ donation and allocation in AustraliaARC Discovery Project2009-2011
A/Prof G Frost; Prof S Jones; Prof JD Roberts; Prof J GuthrieTransforming the Australian accounting profession for the carbon challengeARC Linkage Grant2009-2012
A/Prof PJ Wilson; Prof R Zurbruegg; Dr R GerlachThe implications for greying Australia of international property market interlinkagesARC Discovery Project2010-2011
A/Prof JL Shields; A/Prof M Brown; Dr M O'Donnell; Prof RJ Long; Prof D Scott; Prof SJ PerkinsPay alignment: Fact or fallacy?ARC Discovery Project2010-2012
J. Donovan; A. Maritz; Suresh CuganesanInnovation Processes and Capabilities in Australian SMEsAdvanced Manufacturing CRC2011
Suresh Cuganesan; S. PillayInvestigating Ethical BehaviourVictorian Department of Transport2011
Suresh Cuganesan; Y. YangManagement Control Systems for Effective Information Sharing and Security in Government OrganisationsARC Linkage Grant 2011-20132011
A Mindel; S Sawleshwarkar; R Hillman; M Caldwell; E MopfuShort Intensive Professional Programme in HIV (SIPPH)Australian Leadership Awards Fellowship 20112011
Prof Gregory E PatmoreNon-union employee representation in the workplace: debates and practice in Australia, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States 1914-1939ARC Discovery Project2011-2012
Dr K Riemer; Dr P ScifleetSocial Media for Knowledge Sharing in Global OrganisationsGo8 Germany Joint Research Co-operation Scheme2011-2012
Shailendra Sawleshwarkar; Richard Hillman; Marylouise CaldwellShort Intensive Professional Programme in HIV (SIPPH)Australian Leadership Awards Fellowship 2012 - AusAID2012
J. Donovan; A. Maritz; R. Bedggood; Suresh CuganesanThe Innovativity Audit: Developing an online service portfolioAdvanced Manufacturing CRC2012
S Sawleshwarkar; RJ Hillman; M Caldwell; E MopfuShort Intensive Professional Programme in HIV (SIPPH)Australia Awards Fellowship 2013- AusAID2013
S Sawleshwarkar; RJ Hillman; M Caldwell; E MopfuGlobal Intensive Professional Programme in HIV (GIPPH)Australia Awards Fellowship 20142014