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Past Grants

Recipient Project Summary Type Years
Dr RA Letcher; Mr D Graham; Prof DA HensherAssessing willingness to pay for urban water, wastewater, gas and electricity delivery service standardsARC Linkage Grant2006-2009
Prof PR StopherDeveloping Tour Based Models for an Integrated Land Use, Transport and Environment Model System for AustraliaARC Discovery Project2007-2009
Prof DA Hensher; Prof PR Stopher; Dr SP Greaves; Mr RW WhelanExploring Behavioural Responses of Motorists to Exposure-Based Charging MechanismsARC Linkage Grant2007-2009
Prof DA HensherIntegrating Accident and Travel Delay Externalities in an Urban Speed Reduction ContextARC Discovery Project2007-2009
Prof DA Hensher; Prof PR StopherDevelopment of a behavioural system of stated choice models: modelling behavioural, pricing and technological opportunities to reduce automobile energy levelsARC Discovery Project2007-2009
Prof J Guthrie; Prof CA Adams; Ms C Boedker; Prof J Mouritsen; Prof G RoosVisualising Value in Australian Organisations: Case Studies in Extended Performance Management, Measurement and ReportingARC Linkage Grant2007-2009
A/Prof S Cuganesan; Prof RW Dunford; Prof IC PalmerFlexible Forms of Organising, Management Control Systems and Performance in Organisations Fighting Serious and Organised CrimeARC Linkage Grant2007-2010
Dr JD Buchanan; Ms B van Wanrooy; Ms GA ConsidinWorkChoices and the Evolution of Australian Working Life: The Changing Role of the Labour ContractARC Linkage Grant2007-2011
Prof A Frino; Dr A Lepone; Prof JS Gans; Prof B NalebuffUnderstanding market mechanisms to achieve greater efficiency in the Australian residential real estate marketARC Linkage Grant2008-2010
Prof Elizabeth Cowley; Dr Christina AnthonyReducing irresponsible gambling: Changing a justification to an avoidance strategyARC Discovery Project2008-2010
Prof DS Grant; Dr RW Hall; Dr NR Wailes; Dr KF DeryHuman resource information systems (HRIS) and the strategic significance of the human resource functionARC Linkage Grant2008-2010
Dr MA Figliozzi; Dr SP GreavesModelling the Environmental Impacts of Commercial Vehicle Tours and Freight Management Policies in Urban AreasARC Discovery Project2008-2010
Prof RC McCallum; Dr S Jamieson; Dr T SchofieldWorkplace Death and Injury: Re visiting the Regulatory Impact of Prosecution and DeterrenceARC Discovery Project2008-2010
Prof S Elliot; Prof M WilliamsDeveloping and Managing Sustainable Technology Enabled Innovation Capabilities: An Information Systems ApproachARC Discovery Project2008-2012
Dr MH Dungey; A/Prof OT Henry; Prof MD McKenzieUnderstanding the Behaviour and Impact of Bond MarketsARC Discovery Project2009-2011
Dr K Howard; A/Prof S Jan; Dr A Cass; Dr J Rose; A/Prof SJ Chadban; Prof RD AllenCommunity preferences for organ donation and allocation in AustraliaARC Discovery Project2009-2011
Prof RD Lansbury; Dr MP Baird; Dr RW Hall; Dr NR WailesBeyond our Control? The Impact of Multinational Corporations on Industrial Relations in AustraliaARC Discovery Project2009-2011
Dr R Gerlach; Prof MS SmithBayesian Inference for Flexible Parametric Multivariate Econometric ModellingARC Discovery Project2009-2011
Dr DA Chaikin; A/Prof JC SharmanThe Nexus between Corruption and Money Laundering: Typologies and Policy ResponsesARC Discovery Project2009-2011
A/Prof G Frost; Prof S Jones; Prof JD Roberts; Prof J GuthrieTransforming the Australian accounting profession for the carbon challengeARC Linkage Grant2009-2012
Dr Anya JohnsonThe Heart of Health Care: Advancing Emotional Well-being, engagement and Performance in HospitalsARC Linkage Grant2009-2012
Dr M Groth; Dr AM Johnson; Ms H Nguyen; Dr AA Grandey; Prof LJ White; Prof J CrispThe Heart of Health Care: Advancing Emotional Well being, Engagement and Performance in HospitalsARC Linkage Project2009-2012
A/Prof HJ Bateman; Prof JJ Louviere; Dr SJ Thorp; Dr C Ebling; A/Prof T Islam; Prof S Satchell; Prof JF GewekeThe paradox of choice: Unravelling complex superannuation decisionsDiscovery Projects2010 - 2014
A/Prof PJ Wilson; Prof R Zurbruegg; Dr R GerlachThe implications for greying Australia of international property market interlinkagesARC Discovery Project2010-2011
Prof AM Williamson; Dr ST Shorrock; Ms H NguyenIt's only human: Understanding why errors occur in skilled behaviourARC Discovery Project2010-2012
A/Prof JL Shields; A/Prof M Brown; Dr M O'Donnell; Prof RJ Long; Prof D Scott; Prof SJ PerkinsPay alignment: Fact or fallacy?ARC Discovery Project2010-2012
Suresh Cuganesan; J. Donovan; A. MaritzInnovation Management, Innovators and Inter-organisational NetworksVictorian Centre for Advanced Materials Manufacturing2011
J. Donovan; A. Maritz; Suresh CuganesanInnovation Processes and Capabilities in Australian SMEsAdvanced Manufacturing CRC2011
Suresh Cuganesan; S. PillayInvestigating Ethical BehaviourVictorian Department of Transport2011
Suresh Cuganesan; Y. YangManagement Control Systems for Effective Information Sharing and Security in Government OrganisationsARC Linkage Grant 2011-20132011
A Mindel; S Sawleshwarkar; R Hillman; M Caldwell; E MopfuShort Intensive Professional Programme in HIV (SIPPH)Australian Leadership Awards Fellowship 20112011
Prof Andreas Ortmann, A/Prof Hazel Bateman, Dr Susan Thorp, Dr Loretti Dobrescu, Dr Benjamin Newell, Prof Glenn Harrison, Prof Nathaniel Wilcox, Partner/Collaborating Organisation: UniSuper LtdReconnecting and engaging superannuation fund membersARC Linkage Grant 2011-20132011 - 2013
Prof GE PatmoreNon-union employee representation in the workplace: debates and practice in Australia, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States 1914-1939ARC Research Grant2011-2012
Prof Greg PatmoreNon-union employee representation in the workplace: debates and practice in Australia, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States 1914-1939ARC Discovery Project2011-2012
Dr K Riemer; Dr P ScifleetSocial Media for Knowledge Sharing in Global OrganisationsGo8 Germany Joint Research Co-operation Scheme2011-2012
Prof David A HensherAssessment of the commuter's willingness to pay a congestion charge under alternative pricing regimes and revenue disbursement plansARC Discovery Project2011-2013
Prof DA HensherAssessment of the commuter's willingness to pay a congestion charge under alternative pricing regimes and revenue disbursement plansARC Discovery Project2011-2013
Prof Christopher A Wright; Prof David S Grant; Dr Bernt D Nyberg; Prof Richard W DunfordSustainable organisational change: Australian business responses to climate changeARC Discovery Project2011-2013
Dr Fiona M Graetz; Prof Aaron C Smith; Prof Ian C Palmer; Prof Richard W DunfordOrganising for control in innovation-driven firms: managing the efficiency-flexibility dualityARC Discovery Project2011-2013
Prof CA Wright; Prof DS Grant; Dr BD Nyberg; Prof RW DunfordSustainable organisational change: Australian business responses to climate changeARC Discovery Project2011-2013
Prof Phil Hancock (Project Leader); Dr Anne Abraham; A/Prof Bryan Howieson; Prof Paul De Lange; Prof Brendan O'Connell; Prof Kim Watty; A/Prof Mark Freeman; Ms Coralie BishopAchievement matters: external peer review of accounting learning standardsInnovation & Development Program2011-2013
Paul Henry; Richard Seymour; Marylouise CaldwellBuilding Female Entrepreneurial Skills for Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) in ASEAN CountriesPublic Sector Linkages Program 2011-20132011-2013
A/Prof Masahiro Takatsuka; Prof Peter D Eades; Dr Maurice PeatVisual analytics for high volume multi attribute financial data streamsARC Linkage Grant 2011-20132011-2013
Prof Edward J AndersonCompetitive supplier bidding in supply chainsARC Discovery Project2011-2013
Prof EJ AndersonCompetitive supplier bidding in supply chainsARC Discovery Grant2011-2013
Dr Michael RaffertyRisk shifting, retirement and low-paid workARC Federation Fellowship2011-2015
Shailendra Sawleshwarkar; Richard Hillman; Marylouise CaldwellShort Intensive Professional Programme in HIV (SIPPH)Australian Leadership Awards Fellowship 2012 - AusAID2012
J. Donovan; A. Maritz; R. Bedggood; Suresh CuganesanThe Innovativity Audit: Developing an online service portfolioAdvanced Manufacturing CRC2012
Prof Geoffrey Kingston, A/Prof Hazel Bateman, Dr George Milunovich, Prof Susan Thorp and Prof Lance FisherEndgame: managing superannuation in later lifeDiscovery project2012 - 2014
Prof Cynthia Hardy; Dr Susan Ainsworth; Dr Leanne R Cutcher; Prof Robyn ThomasManaging age in organisational context: a comparative study of the meaning of age among managersARC Discovery Project2012-2014
Dr Rae C Cooper; Prof Marian P BairdFlexibility for working parents in the 'hybrid' fair work systemARC Discovery Project2012-2014
Prof Stewart Jones; Prof David J Johnstone; Dr Maurice PeatThe predictive, behavioural and economic forecasting performance of alternative credit risk and bankruptcy models: a global studyARC Discovery Project2012-2014
Prof Peter R StopherTravel time budget analysis from multi-day and multi-year dataARC Discovery Project2012-2014
Dr Michael Rafferty; Lonnborg MFinancial Eruptions and Disruptions Jan Wallander Foundation2012-2014
Prof Andrew TerryEnhancing sustainable economic growth by improving transparency and accountability in the MongoliaAusAID Public Sector Linkage Program 2012-20142012-2014
Prof Rick E Krever; Prof Christopher C Evans; A/Prof Ann M O'Connell; Dr Nolan C Sharkey; Mr Antony K TingMitigating tax barriers to trade and investment relations between Australia and the People's Republic of ChinaARC Linkage Grant 2012-20142012-2014
Dr Michael Rafferty; Seabrooke L; Wigan D; Ali V; Tsingou E; Palan R; Marshall D; De Carvahlo B; Sharman JSystems of Tax Evasion and Laundering: Locating Global Wealth Chains in the Global Political Economy Norwegian Research Council2012-2014
Prof David A Hensher; A/Prof John M RoseValuation of service reliability and crowding under risk and uncertainty: neglected drivers of demand for public transportARC Discovery Project2012-2014
S Sawleshwarkar; RJ Hillman; M Caldwell; E MopfuShort Intensive Professional Programme in HIV (SIPPH)Australia Awards Fellowship 2013- AusAID2013
Prof Steven Waller; Dr Vinayak V Dixit; Prof Michiel Bliemer; Prof Dennis G Del FaveroTravel Choice Simulation Laboratory (TRACSLab): a visualisation laboratory to study travel behaviour and drivers' interactionsARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities2013
Voola R, Briley D, Goodwin S, Henry P, Ratnakar D, Mudambi S.Evaulating the effectiveness of the Ultra Poor Graduation Program in IndiaInternational Program Development Fund (IPDF)2013 - 2015
Dr Eric KnightCarbon market creation and development in Southeast AsiaSSEAC Publication Grant 2013-20142013-2014
Prof Dan Lovallo; A/Prof Andy DongBehavioural strategies for selecting innovation projectsARC Discovery Project2013-2015
Dr Adam Butt; Dr Scott Donald; , Professor Douglas Foster; Professor Susan Thorp; Dr Geoff WarrenStructure and Responsibilities in Default Superannuation Funds: Influences and EffectivenessCIFR Research Project 2013-20152013-2015
S Sawleshwarkar; RJ Hillman; M Caldwell; E MopfuGlobal Intensive Professional Programme in HIV (GIPPH)Australia Awards Fellowship 20142014
Artem ProkhorovFat Tails, Heterogeneity and Dependence in Returns: Modelling Crises and Contagion in Economics and FinanceBridging Support Grant2014
Assoc Prof Joakim Westerholm; Dr Joel Fabre; Dr Andrew Grant; Dr Hamish MallochInformed vs. Noise Trading: Foreign and Domestic Retail and Institutional Liquidity Demanders and ProvidersCIFR Research Project 2014-20152014
Assoc Prof Joakim Westerholm; Dr Reza Bradrania; Dr Tina Viljoen; Prof Henk BerkmanDeterminants of Insiders’ Trading Performance: Private Information, Network or Skill?CIFR Research Project 2014-20152014 - 2015
Assoc Professor Ravi Seethamraju; Prof Krishna SundarService Availability Mapping for improved Public Health Service Delivery in Regional IndiaAustralia India Council Grant 2014-20152014-2015
Prof Susan Thorp; Prof Jordan Louviere; Prof Hazel Bateman; Dr Christine EckertDeveloping new financial literacy survey questions to better link financial knowledge to outcomesFinancial Literacy Australia Grant2015
Dr Eric Knight; Professor Dariusz WojcikInternational competitiveness of Australia’s financial services sector: fulfilling the mandate of the Financial System InquiryCIFR Research Project2015
Prof Terry Walter; Prof Martin Bugeja; Prof Raymond Da Silva Rosa; Dr Yaowen Shan; Prof David YermackThe impact on corporate accountability of Australia’s unique “two strikes” rule on executive payResearch Grant2015
Artem ProkhorovNew Aspects of Copula Modeling for Heavy Tailed Economic and Financial DataBridging Support Grant2015
Barney TanEngaging China through Digital Commerce: Implications for Australian FirmsUniversity of Sydney Bridging Support Grant2015