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ARC Discovery Project

Development of a behavioural system of stated choice models: modelling behavioural, pricing and technological opportunities to reduce automobile energy levels

Prof DA Hensher; Prof PR Stopher

Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies

Project Summary

Automobile use is attributed with over 70% of CO2 emissions from the transport sector. This project delivers a new framework to assess the impact of policies to reduce CO2 and other energy sources associated with existing ICE fuel sources and a range of scenarios that involve futures with alternative fuels. The proposed framework will radically change the approach used by practitioners in prediction, and provide a way of capturing behavioural responses of car users to new environmental futures, in which price, performance, distribution and maintenance play a crucial role in adopting environmentally friendly fuels and vehicle designs. Australia lacks this behavioural capability.

2007 : $  72,522
2008 : $  93,024
2009 : $  98,848