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ARC Linkage Grant

Exploring Behavioural Responses of Motorists to Exposure-Based Charging Mechanisms

Prof DA Hensher; Prof PR Stopher; Dr SP Greaves; Mr RW Whelan

Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies

Project Summary

Our continued reliance on cars is estimated to cost the Australian economy around $50 billion per year in accidents, congestion and air pollution. This project delivers a new approach to reduce these externalities, in which charges are levied on drivers based on their accident history, the kilometres driven and the circumstances under which these kilometres are driven. In addition to the safety and congestion benefits, the outcomes of the project will be of importance to those charged with raising revenue to support infrastructure maintenance and development, and the insurance industry as a basis for reducing risks in driving and making premiums more equitable.

2007 : $  95,000
2008 : $  100,000
2009 : $  35,000