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ARC Linkage Grant

WorkChoices and the Evolution of Australian Working Life: The Changing Role of the Labour Contract

Dr JD Buchanan; Ms B van Wanrooy; Ms GA Considin

Workplace Research Centre

Project Summary

Both internationally and nationally, there is much speculation as to how the transformation of the industrial relations framework will impact on workers and the broader community. Knowledge of the impact of WorkChoices is vital for employers, unions and governments to understand the influence the industrial relations framework has on Australia's social and economic fabric. The survey will address some of the social issues that are debated widely in Australia such as the impact of the industrial relations changes on wages and wage inequality, work and family balance, skills development and shortages, workers in regional areas, and workers in low skilled and low paid jobs.

2007 : $  281,030
2008 : $  141,030
2009 : $  189,530
2010 : $  202,000
2011 : $  101,378