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ARC Linkage Grant

Flexible Forms of Organising, Management Control Systems and Performance in Organisations Fighting Serious and Organised Crime

A/Prof S Cuganesan; Prof RW Dunford; Prof IC Palmer

International Business

Project Summary

The criminal networks behind serious and organised crime are becoming more fluid and flexible. In response, law enforcement organisations are creating flexible structural arrangements and experimenting with management control systems to balance the need for both flexibility and control. This research will identify combinations of structure and management controls most suited to this task. Subsequent benefits will flow to the community/nation through more effective and efficient policing of serious and organised crime. More broadly, organisations in fast changing business environments will benefit by understanding how to design and manage their structure and management control systems to enhance performance.

Arc Funding
2007 : $  82,000
2008 : $  157,000
2009 : $  155,500
2010 : $  80,500