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ARC Linkage Grant

Understanding market mechanisms to achieve greater efficiency in the Australian residential real estate market

Prof A Frino; Dr A Lepone; Prof JS Gans; Prof B Nalebuff


Project Summary

This project will provide information to policy makers, vendors and purchasers, enabling the evolution of an optimal real estate market, with significant benefits for individuals and the national economy. These benefits will be both short term (current wealth) and long term (retirement saving). It will promote Australia as the leader in constructing optimal, efficient real estate markets, which can be applied to similar real estate markets around the world. Finally, training a research student will develop research infrastructure in Australia, and be a contribution to producing a generation of specialists who will add to Australia's international standing in financial research and its ability to manage an increasingly complex economy.

2008 : $  81,184
2009 : $  71,518
2010 : $  76,371