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ARC Linkage Grant

Transforming the Australian accounting profession for the carbon challenge

A/Prof G Frost; Prof S Jones; Prof JD Roberts; Prof J Guthrie


Project Summary

The introduction of Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) will have an immediate and lasting impact on the cost of doing business in Australia. By determining how accounting processes can be optimised to identify, measure and analyse the impact of emissions trading on organisations' financial performance, this project will be a significant step in minimising the negative impact of this historic change on the Australian economy, and maximising the associated business opportunities. Our findings will be the basis for giving the accounting profession the new skills to adopt a central role in meeting the carbon challenge.

ARC Funding
2009 : $  37,894
2010 : $  73,862
2011 : $  74,601
2012 : $  38,634
Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

CPA Australia. (Cash contribution in addition to ARC funding of  $105,000 over 3 years).