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ARC Linkage Project 2017-2020

Settlement Services International Ltd
AMES Australia
Access Community Services Ltd

Settlement Outcomes of Syrian-conflict Refugee Families in Australia

Jock Collins (University of Technology, Sydney); Carol Reid (Western Sydney University); Dimitria Groutsis (The University of Sydney)

Work and Organisational Studies

Project Summary

Settlement outcomes of Syrian-conflict refugee families in Australia. This project aims to focus on the policy responses to, and settlement outcomes for, Syrian-conflict refugee families in Australia with an emphasis on employment and education. The Syrian conflict has generated an unprecedented flow of refugees across Europe and other countries, including Australia. These countries face new challenges in providing successful settlement outcomes for the refugees. Utilising a longitudinal study of 250 refugee families and fieldwork in key areas of high refugee settlement in NSW, Victoria and Queensland, this project will generate comparative insights to identify policy and program responses that lead to the most successful settlement outcomes. Improved employment, education and settlement outcomes for refugees will have economic, social and cultural benefits for Australian society and improve the quality of life of refugees.


01/07/2017 - 30/06/2020

2017: $70,000
2018: $140,000
2019: $155,000
2020: $85,000

$450,000 (AUD)