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ARC Linkage Project 2016-2018

ARRB Group Ltd
Transport For NSW
Robert Bosch (Australia) Proprietary Limited
Road Safety Commission
GoGet CarShare
Suncorp Group Limited
VicRoads Design
Transport Accident Commission
Liberty Mutual Research Institute For Safety

Understanding impact of autonomous vehicles on behaviour and interactions

Professor Michiel Bliemer; Dr Vinayak Dixit; Professor Steven Waller; Dr Steven Most; Professor Andry Rakotonirainy; Professor Michael Regan; Mr Benjamin Barnes; Ms Victoria Pyta; Mr Carl Liersch

Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies

Project Summary

This project aims to explore three human factor issues critical to the successful deployment of automated vehicles: factors influencing driver choice of automated vehicle control; interactions between automated and manually controlled vehicles; and driver detection, recognition, and reaction to automated vehicle system failures. Automated vehicles are predicted to be transformative, but their ultimate success and expected societal benefits will depend on drivers’ trust in them and on how people choose to use and interact with them. Insights from this research should prepare our society for more automated vehicles on the roadways.




$458,000 (AUD)