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Selected ARC and other competitive research grants

These grants seek to develop excellence in research and partnerships between researchers and industry, government and community organisations across science, social sciences and the humanities.

Recipients Project Summary Type Years
Luciara Nardon; Betina Szukdlarek Integrating refugees in the workforce the role of host country social support Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada Grant 2016- 2017
Rustam Ibragimov (Imperial College London); Konstantin Igudesman (Innopolis University); Artem Prokhorov (University of Sydney); Walter Distaso (Imperial College London) Modern robust methods of modelling and analysis of big data in economics and finance, adapted to effective use on high-performance (parallel and distributed) computing systems and with applications to the study of crises and contagion in financial and eco Priority Areas Program Research Grant 2016 - 2018
Max Baker; Jane Andrew An investigation into the use of performance measures in private prisons: A national review Research Grant 2016 - 2017
Leanne Cutcher; Jarrod Ormiston Indigenous Enterprise: Navigating multiple logics, enacting hybrid practices and creating jobs Wingara Mura Bunga Barrabugu Scheme 2016
Marian Baird; Rae Cooper; Andreea Constantin The identification of barriers to the recruitment, retention and advancement of women at Sydney Water Contracted Research Grant Project 2016
Geoff Frost; Stewart Jones An analysis of sustainability reporting practices CPA Australia Research Grant 2016
Neal Arthur; Dr Victoria Clout (UNSW) Executive compensation, other comprehensive income recycling and firm investment Pilot Research Scheme 2016
Quan Gan; Buhui Qiu Disclosure size of 10-K: determinants and implications Pilot Research Scheme 2016
Sebastian Boell Information and communication technology as media for organizational knowledge Early Career Researcher Grant Scheme 2016
Jarrod Ormiston Entrepreneurship as practice: Exploring everyday activities in social, sustainable, shared and technological entrepreneurship ecosystems Early Career Researcher Grant Scheme 2016

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