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Selected ARC and other competitive research grants

These grants seek to develop excellence in research and partnerships between researchers and industry, government and community organisations across science, social sciences and the humanities.

Recipients Project Summary Type Years
Marian Baird; Rae Cooper; Ariadne Vromen; Elspeth Probyn; Elizabeth Hill Australian Women’s Work Futures Sydney Research Excellence Initiative 2020 2017-2018
Dimitria Groutsis; Diane van den Broek Disrupting Leadership Homogeneity by Mapping the Career Progression of Culturally Diverse Talent: Intervention strategies to Capitalise on Cultural Diversity Industry Partnership Grant 2017-2018
Kai Riemer Enterprise Social Network Analytics – Exploration of New Metrics and Managerial Application Scenarios University of Sydney Business School Industry Partnership Grant 2017-2018
Jim Rooney; Guy Ford Interactions between Individual Director Perceptions of Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility and Company Financial Performance Governance Leadership Centre: Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) 2017-2018
Helena Nguyen; Anya Johnson; Carolynn Mccann (School of Psychology) The hard data on how emotional intelligence (EI) affects the emotion regulation process: A laboratory-based stress study with psycho-physiological markers of emotion Pilot Research Scheme 2017-2018
Ava Wu; Jap Efendi XBRL Mandate and Analyst Forecast Properties: Examining the Role of Analyst Ability and Resources Early Career Researcher Grant Scheme 2017-2018
Christopher Wright; Daniel Nyberg (Newcastle University Business School) Climate change hotspots: Negotiating risk and responsibility Pilot Research Scheme 2017-2018
Anya Johnson; Helena Nguyen Understanding compassion: An investigation of nurses’ capacity to provide compassion and the effects on patient care Pilot Research Scheme 2017-2018
Teresa Davis; Pennie Frow; Jill Sweeney (University of Western Australia) Mapping Child Patient Journeys through their Eyes: Meanings and Implications for Child Patient Centred Care (CPCC) Pilot Research Scheme 2017-2018
Helen Parker Exploring the Psychosocial Development of Chinese Postgraduate Students in an Australian Business School Early Career Researcher Grant Scheme 2017-2018

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