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Selected ARC and other competitive research grants

These grants seek to develop excellence in research and partnerships between researchers and industry, government and community organisations across science, social sciences and the humanities.

Recipients Project Summary Type Years
Annalena Welp Is your team engaged with their work - or just working? The role of team work engagement within teamwork and its relationship with occupational well-being and performance Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) 2016-2018
Betina Szkudlarek; Luciara Nardon; Laurence Romani Labour market integration of refugees - The role of social support Business School Pilot Research Scheme 2016-2018
Professor Michiel Bliemer; Dr Vinayak Dixit; Professor Steven Waller; Dr Steven Most; Professor Andry Rakotonirainy; Professor Michael Regan; Mr Benjamin Barnes; Ms Victoria Pyta; Mr Carl Liersch Understanding impact of autonomous vehicles on behaviour and interactions ARC Linkage Project 2016-2018 2016-2018
Dr Jane Lê; Professor Christopher Wright; Professor Paula Jarzabkowski The Human Side of Energy Security Australian Research Council Discovery Grant 2016-2018
Professor Andy Dong; Dr Massimo Garbuio; Professor Dan Lovallo The logic of market-creating innovations Australian Research Council Discovery Grant 2016-2018
Helena Nguyen; Anya Johnson Mindfulness, Compassion and Wellbeing at Work (Sydney Local Health District Nursing and Midwifery) Sydney Local Health District 2016-2018
Professor Phillip O'Neill; Dr Eric Knight; Professor Dariusz Wojcik Australia's role in Global Financial and Production Networks Australian Research Council Discovery Grant 2016-2018
Corinne Mulley; Chinh Ho; David Hensher Mobility as a Service: identifying the right business model for Australia Business School Pilot Research Scheme 2016-2017
Leanne Cutcher; Jarrod Ormiston Indigenous Enterprise: Navigating multiple logics, enacting hybrid practices and creating jobs Wingara Mura Bunga Barrabugu Scheme 2016-2017
Xiaowen Fu Airport Governance and Improved Regulation University of Sydney Business School’s Industry Partnership Grant 2016-2017

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