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Selected ARC and other competitive research grants

These grants seek to develop excellence in research and partnerships between researchers and industry, government and community organisations across science, social sciences and the humanities.

Recipients Project Summary Type Years
Joanna Howe; Alexander Riley (University of Adelaide); Diane Van Den Broek; Chris F Wright Investigating Labour Supply Options Across the Australian Vegetable Industry Research & Development Grant 2016
Anna Young-Ferris; Shan Zhou The making of financial materiality: factors that affect the materiality judgements of investment analysts when assessing integrated reports during company valuation Early Career Researcher Grant Scheme 2016
Quan Gan; Buhui Qiu Disclosure size of 10-K: determinants and implications Pilot Research Scheme 2016
Jarrod Ormiston Entrepreneurship as practice: Exploring everyday activities in social, sustainable, shared and technological entrepreneurship ecosystems Early Career Researcher Grant Scheme 2016
Sebastian Boell Information and communication technology as media for organizational knowledge Early Career Researcher Grant Scheme 2016
Barney Tan Fostering Australia-China Trade: An Investigation of the Role of Digital Commerce University of Sydney Bridging Support Grant 2016 2016
Dr Matthew Burke; Professor Corinne Mulley; Dr Barbara T.H.Yen ; Professor Neil Sipe; Dr Guilherme Lohmann; Professor Yu-Chiun Chiou ; Mr Timothy Raimond Funding on the line: public transport financing and property value capture ARC Linkage Grant 2015-2019 2015-2019
Prof David A Hensher; Prof Dr Michiel Bliemer; Prof Dr Stephane Hess Investigating travel choice behaviour: a new approach ARC Discovery Project 2015-2018
Prof Hazel Bateman; Prof Andrea Ortmann; Prof Susan Thorp; Dr Loretti Dobrescu; A/Prof Benjamin Newell; Ms Jacs Davis Super financial security: improving flexibility, trust and communication ARC Linkage Grant 2015-2018 2015-2018
A/Prof Kai Riemer; Dr Uri Gal; Prof Robert Johnston Evidence-based Management for Enterprise Social Networking Success ARC Linkage Grant 2015-2018 2015-2018

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