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Selected ARC and other competitive research grants

These grants seek to develop excellence in research and partnerships between researchers and industry, government and community organisations across science, social sciences and the humanities.

Recipients Project Summary Type Years
Artem Prokhorov; Rustam Ibragimov, (Imperial College Business School); Stan Uryasev, (University of Florida Engineering Department of Industrial and System Engineering) Systemic Risk and Resilience: New Approaches to Quantifying Uncertainty in Social, Natural and Man-Made Systems Pilot Research Scheme 2017-2018
Helena Nguyen; Anya Johnson; Carolynn Mccann (School of Psychology) The hard data on how emotional intelligence (EI) affects the emotion regulation process: A laboratory-based stress study with psycho-physiological markers of emotion Pilot Research Scheme 2017-2018
Leanne Cutcher Shifting Policy Sands: The Case of the Indigenous Procurement Policy Wingara Mura Bunga Barrabugu Scheme 2017-2018
Dimitria Groutsis; Diane van den Broek Disrupting Leadership Homogeneity by Mapping the Career Progression of Culturally Diverse Talent: Intervention strategies to Capitalise on Cultural Diversity Industry Partnership Grant 2017-2018
Deborah Bunker; Christian Ehnis; Abdul Babar; Stefan Steiglitz; Milad Mirabaie; Anna-Katharina Jung Social Media Use in Extreme Events: Evaluating the Trustworthiness of the Source of User-Generated Content Australia-Germany Joint Research Co-operation Scheme 2017 - 2018
Teresa Davis The Family that eats together: Images of commensality across two cities The University of Sydney – University of Edinburgh Partnership Collaboration Awards 2017 - 2018
Junbin Gao Deep Learning Models for Multidimensional Data and Their Applications Business School ARC Bridging Fund 2017
Mark Halaki; Danny Liu; Peter Rutledge; Helen Ritchie; Sean Foley Feedback 4U - Enhancing individual student feedback on MCQs and short answer assessments 2017 Educational Innovation Grants 2017
Claudine Moutou; Margaret McGrath (Health Sciences); Geoffrey Clifton Supporting older people and their transport independence University of Sydney Business School’s Industry Partnership Grant 2017
Sandra Seno-Alday; Barney Tan; Xiaowen Fu ITT LLDC Research Development Project University of Sydney Business School’s Industry Partnership Grant 2017

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