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Selected ARC and other competitive research grants

These grants seek to develop excellence in research and partnerships between researchers and industry, government and community organisations across science, social sciences and the humanities.

Recipients Project Summary Type Years
A/Prof Pennie Frow; Prof Janet McColl-Kennedy; Prof Adrian Payne; Dr Rahul Govind; Ms Kae Martin ; Dr David Panter Examining the effectiveness of co-creation practices on health outcomes ARC Linkage Grant 2015-2018 2015-2018
A/Prof Kai Riemer; Dr Uri Gal; Prof Robert Johnston Evidence-based Management for Enterprise Social Networking Success ARC Linkage Grant 2015-2018 2015-2018
Prof Hazel Bateman; Prof Andrea Ortmann; Prof Susan Thorp; Dr Loretti Dobrescu; A/Prof Benjamin Newell; Ms Jacs Davis Super financial security: improving flexibility, trust and communication ARC Linkage Grant 2015-2018 2015-2018
Anya Johnson; Helena Nguyen Compassion at the Heart of Health Care at Sydney Local Health District Research Agreement 2015-2017 2015-2017
Prof Guy G Gable; A/Prof Kai Riemer; Dr Mary Tate; Dr Wasana Bandara; Prof Arun Rai Towards Engineering Behavioural Research Design Systems ARC Discovery Project 2015-2017
Jane Andrew; Max Baker The Costs, Performance, Efficiency and Accountability of Australian Private Prisons University of Sydney Business School Industry Partnership Grant 2015 2015-2016
Chinmay Pattnaik Developing Linkages with India and South Korea to Build a Research Program on Comparative Corporate Sustainability Practices International Program Development Fund (IPDF) 2015-2016
Prof Martin Savelsbergh; Prof Natashia Boland; Assoc Prof Behnam Fahimnia ARC Training Centre for Food and Beverage Supply Chain Optimisation ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centres Grant 2015-2018 2015 - 2018
David Hensher Fiji Household Travel Survey and Transport Database Client Commissioned Research 2015 2015
Anya Johnson; Helena Nguyen Creating sustainable and effective healthcare: A Multilevel investigation of the links between team processes and climates, nurse outcomes and effective patient care University of Sydney Business School Industry Partnership Grant 2015 2015

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