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Research highlights

Research Highlights showcases outstanding current research projects across the Business School. It reflects the value we place on high quality research that has a real impact in business practice, policy and regulation.

Transport planning for our future

The current challenge we face with traffic is that travel demand is higher than the supply of roads.
Learn more »

The impact of new technologies on insider trading

New technologies are having a significant impact on insider trading, with implications for all companies and regulators. Learn more »

Capturing land value uplift to better our infrastructure

Individuals are gaining from land value uplift and governments are well placed to recover transport infrastructure costs.  Learn more »

Bailing out the banks

Associate Professor Dr Eliza Wu, from the Discipline of Finance, is exploring the behaviours of financial institutions in reaction to receiving government support. Learn more »

Predicting corporate bankruptcy

Professor Stewart Jones is using new machine learning technologies that can translate big data into highly accurate predictions about the future.  Learn more »

The benefits and challenges of immigration

Over the past two decades, many countries around the world have looked to skilled migrants to meet their business and workforce needs. Learn more »

Cultivating optimism – How to frame your future during a health challenge

An important breakthrough in the rehabilitation of people suffering serious physical illness or trauma reveals cultivating optimism has the power to hasten recovery. Learn more »

Design cognition – creating the next generation of entrepreneurs

Dr Massimo Garbuio is looking at how entrepreneurs unlock innovative ideas and make strategic decisions, and the art of mastering design cognition.  Learn more »

Balancing tech efficiency with innovation

Companies that fail to act on the business insights revealed in the wealth of data gathered by IT systems risk falling victim to the age of digital disruption.  Learn more »

Flexibility, employment and gender equality

Flexibleworking arrangements for both men and women in the workplace can boost corporate profits through profitability gains, Dr Rae Cooper explains.  Learn more »

Juggling complexity in strategic environments

Dr Jane Lê raises thought provoking questions around managing competing goals and objectives in highly complex environments.  Learn more »

Fear, anxiety can drive firms to the wall

Ambitious corporate incentive schemes and performance goals can cause anxiety among employees, consequentially having a negative impact on productivity. Learn more »

First impressions matter: forming trust in financial advisers

Many Australians are unable to distinguish between good and bad financial advice, and unaware of techniques used to manipulate critical financial decisions.  Learn more »

The social side of e-commerce - lessons from rural China

A push by China based e-commerce giant, Alibaba, is turning subsistence farmers into online entrepreneurs and opening up new business opportunities. Learn more »

Benchmarking as a tool for strategic aviation management

The formula used to measure airline performance could be used to analyse the efficiency and improve the performance of any industry. Learn more »

Having it all and avoiding climate disaster? Maybe not.

Professor Christopher Wright is casting new light on the role of business as both a contributor and potential provider of solutions to the climate crisis. Learn more »

Brain drain and brain gain in the workplace

Exploring the implications of neuroscience for understanding and improving the performance, productivity and wellbeing of employees in the workplace. Learn more »

High-frequency trading and dark pools: a toxic effect on market evolution?

Dr Amy Kwan and Dr Richard Philip are bringing new insights to the evolution of financial markets through their research into high-frequency trading and dark pools. Learn more »

Managing emotional resources: the key to thriving and flourishing at work

Employee absenteeism and related  non-performance is costing Australian businesses upwards of $12 billion dollars each year. Learn more »