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Brain drain and brain gain in the workplace

Dr Stefan Volk’s research journey has taken him from economics to organisational neuroscience. He seeks to understand the biological foundations of human behaviour in the workplace by focusing on the individual as a microstructure of the organisation. Taking a road less travelled, Stefan describes himself as a “disciplinary boundary spanner” drawing together biological and medical research on the human brain to inform organisational research and practice. By studying what is already known about brain structures and processes, he believes we can improve employees’ performance in a myriad of ways, including, but not limited to, workplace intelligence, working cross-culturally and working in teams.

Published works

Becker WJ, Volk S and Ward MK 2015 'Leveraging neuroscience for smarter approaches to workplace intelligence', Human Resource Management Review, vol.25:1, pp. 56-67

Volk S, Köhler T and Pudelko M 2014 'Brain drain: The cognitive neuroscience of foreign language processing in multinational corporations', Journal of International Business Studies, vol.45:7, pp. 862-85