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Juggling complexity in strategic environments

Dr Jane Lê’s research focus lies in practice-based studies of complex contexts, particularly infrastructure settings like energy, telecoms, rail and water that critically underpin our economy and quality of life. She fosters particular interests in paradox and materiality.

In 2016, the University named the first cohort of SOAR fellows, of which Dr Jane Le was part of, within the category of early career researchers and projects. Her focus for the SOAR fellowship is on balancing competing demands at work.

Her recent work raises thought provoking questions around how organisations and individuals deal with competing goals and objectives in highly complex environments.

In this study Jane looks at the energy security sector and how organisations manage contradictory demands such as reliability, price and environmental sustainability, while still fulfilling commercial goals.

At an individual level, Jane examines the complexities of juggling competing demands from a work-life perspective.


Listen to an interview with Dr Jane Lê to learn more.

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