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Benchmarking as a tool for strategic aviation management

The formula used to measure airline performance could be used to analyse the efficiency and, therefore, improve the performance of any industry. Associate Professor Rico Merkert's research is focussed on helping firms and entire supply chains to develop strategies and make decisions based on evidence and benchmark analysis to enhance their value proposition, competitive advantage and ultimately improve their profitability.


Listen to an interview about the study with Associate Professor Rico Merkert to learn more.

Published works

Merkert R and Pearson J 2015 'A Non-parametric Efficiency Measure Incorporating Perceived Airline Service Levels and Profitability', Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, vol.49:2, pp. 261-75.

Merkert R and Assaf AG 2015 'Using DEA models to jointly estimate service quality perception and profitability - Evidence from international airports', Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, vol.75, pp. 42-50.