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Capturing land value uplift to better our infrastructure

Individuals are gaining from land value uplift and governments are well placed to recover transport infrastructure costs. Professor Corinne Mulley, from the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies at the University of Sydney Business School, has researched ways that governments can capture land value uplift from benefitting home owners and businesses, to spend on new transport infrastructure.

“Land value uplift relates to changes in land value that is next to new transport infrastructure,” explains Professor Mulley. Capturing land value uplift would mean the people who most gain from new infrastructure pay more towards its delivery, therefore increasing equity.

Governments are well placed to recover costs by asking home owners and businesses that benefit financially from infrastructure development to share this benefit. But there are a range of considerations that governments need to take into account before implementing land value capture.


Listen to an interview with Professor Corinne Mulley to learn more.

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