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Design cognition – creating the next generation of entrepreneurs

Australia can transform itself into a knowledge based economy, but only through a new approach to innovation.

In a recent study, Massimo and a team of researchers look at four strategies of design cognition – framing, analogical reasoning, abduction and mental simulation – to train students in opportunity creation.

Massimo say’s there is a lot of conversation at the moment around design thinking. "Now we need to take another step towards design cognition, and that’s when we really think like designers," he continued. "It’s a process where we are constantly looking for dots, dots that we can connect and make into innovative ideas."

In doing so, the research provides avenues for further development of entrepreneurship education, particularly the integration of design cognition.


Listen to an interview about the research with Dr Massimo Garbuio to learn more.

Published work

Garbuio M, Dong A, Lin N, Tschang T and Lovallo D 2017 Forthcoming Demystifying the Genius of Entrepreneurship: How Design Cognition Can Help Create the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs, Academy of Management Learning & Education.