IEERG - Members

Group Leader

Professor Deborah Bunker (University of Sydney)

Group Members

Dr Babak Abedin (University of Technology Sydney)
Mr Hussein Al Ghattas (University of Technology Sydney)
Dr Abdul Babar (University of Sydney)
Ms Natalie Batshon (Macquarie University)
Professor Ghassan Beydoun (University of Technology Sydney)
Mr Paul Box (CSIRO)
Professor Anthony Capon (University of Sydney)
Dr Akemi Chatfield (University of Wollongong)
Associate Professor Rodney Clarke (University of Wollongong)
Mr Andrew Edwards (Macquarie University)
Mr Christian Ehnis (University of Sydney)
Dr Amany Elbanna (University of London)
Associate Professor Linlin Ge (UNSW)
Dr Asif Gill (UTS)
Mr Ralph Grimes (Private Consultant)
Dr Rabiul Hasan (University of Sydney)
Professor Igor Hawryszkiewycz (UTS)
Dr Linda Levine (University of Sydney Research Fellow)
Mr Can Peng Luo (NSW LPI EICU)
Mr Milad Mirbabaie (University of Duisburg-Essen)
Mr Robert Ogie (University of Wollongong)
Dr Vincent Pang (University of New South Wales)
Dr Cecile Paris (CSIRO)
Mr David Parsons (NSW Department of Industry)
Professor Pascal Perez (University of Wollongong)
Dr Robert Power (CSIRO)
Dr Sojen Pradhan (UTS)
Associate Professor Ataur Rahman (University of Western Sydney)
Professor Kai Riemer (University of Sydney)
Dr Jim Rooney (ADFA UNSW)
Associate Professor Philip Seltsikas (University of Sydney)
Ms Maryam Shahbazi (University of Sydney)
Adjunct Associate Professor Tony Sleigh (University of Sydney)
Dr Stephen Smith (Macquarie University)
Professor Tania Sorrell (University of Sydney)
Dr Darryl Stellmach (University of Sydney)
Professor Stefan Stieglitz (University of Duisburg-Essen)
Dr Savanid Vatanasakdakul (Macquarie University)
Mr Ray Wu (University of Sydney)