Information Systems Management Research Group (ISMRG)

The Information Systems Management Research Group (ISMRG), the University of Sydney Business School, investigates the contribution of information technology to effective organisational and inter-organisational relationships and the issues and implications that relate to the design, evaluation and management of information and systems. Our group focuses on an holistic view of IS that includes:

  • Digital identity creation and management;
  • IS strategy development;
  • Enterprise systems implementation and management;
  • IS enabled governance, risk and compliance (GRC);
  • Sustainability;
  • Security policy development and deployment;
  • Business process improvement;
  • Consumer information and e-Commerce marketplaces;
  • Information and knowledge management;
  • Business Intelligence (Business Analytics);
  • Social media for personal and enterprise applications; and
  • Collaborative technologies and distributed group work.

Our research is at the nexus of information and systems innovation and design, supported by the effective use of ICT for individuals, societies, businesses, governments and NGOs.

With IS innovation and design listed as a top priority by Chief Executives in Australia and internationally, our research is also at the forefront of developments in our field. With our participation in, and affiliation with, a number of key research projects involving international collaborations and industry partners, our research addresses the university's goal of "increased focus on interdisciplinary capability and proactive engagement with industry and other academic institutions" whilst aligning with the faculty's goals of "developing stronger alliances with industry to improve and extend collaborative research activities" and "increases the opportunities for student engagement with industry."

Our group provides thought leadership in IS management through industry-based research, professional practice and innovative education, that is led by research and confirmed in practice.

Our key aims include:

  • To investigate the impact of various IT-enabled innovations and their implications for individuals, societies, businesses, governments and NGOs;
  • To identify the drivers, structures and mechanisms required to manage the effective deployment of those innovations personally, organisationally and inter-organisationally;
  • To develop theoretical models and frameworks to assist in the understanding of IS innovation, design and ICT deployment;
  • To contribute to an understanding of the social and technical dimensions of information policy, management, design and assurance;
  • To impart information and process-centred thinking to business students through appropriate teaching and learning strategies; and
  • To design and provide research-led teaching in order to equip students with cutting edge knowledge and tools for eliciting IS requirements, designing IS systems and leveraging technologies of the future to create new business opportunities.