E-Government Workshop

April 20-21, 2011

The Darlington Centre, The University of Sydney

Workshop overview

Following advancements in IT infrastructure and wireless technologies, and with the global expansion of broadband networks, governments worldwide are providing a growing number of e-services to their local constituencies. Along with the benefits that e-services can provide lie a number of overarching challenges. These include the balancing of individual privacy and multiple interoperable e-services, the creation of inter-domain infrastructures for the provision of e-services, the increase of the use of e-services, and the maintenance of identity and authentication in the usage of public sector technologies.

This workshop will provide an open forum for academics and professionals who research and work in the area of e-government to discuss these issues and propose future directions for e-government research and practice. The purpose of the workshop is to promote the quality and relevance of e-government research, and to strengthen the ties between academics and practitioners who work in this area.