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The Migrants@Work Research Group engages researchers interested in: how migrants experience work and employment in Australia and overseas; the international, national and supranational regulations and governance structures surrounding labour mobility and: how the context and history of migration shapes diversity management practices in contemporary firms. The Research Group seeks to develop networks within and beyond academia by building a cross disciplinary research community focused on issues related to permanent and temporary migration and cross-cultural and workplace diversity management by linking with the national and international research community; business groups; government and non-government agencies.

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Baines D and van den Broek D 2017 Forthcoming 'Coercive Care: Control and Coercion in the Restructured Care Workplace', British Journal of Social Work Vol 47:1 pp.125-42 Link

Groutsis D, O’Leary J and Russell G 2017 Forthcoming 'Capitalizing on the cultural and linguistic diversity of mobile talent: lessons from an Australian study', International Journal of Human Resource Management Link

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Sustainable Solutions: The Future of Labour Supply in the Australian Vegetable Industry

New report released on the future-proofing labour supply for the Australian vegetable industry

A report jointly authored with two scholars in the Migrants @ Work Research Group at the University of Sydney Business School, Associate Professor Diane van den Broek and Dr Chris Wright have co-authored a new report examining labour supply challenges in the Australian vegetable industry with two academics from the University of Adelaide Law School, Associate Professor Joanna Howe and Professor Alex Reilly.

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Young Indian MPs Visit The University of Sydney

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Recent research grants

Employer strategies for developing a skilled workforce (2017-2019)

M@WRG Investigators: Chris F. Wright

Employer strategies for developing a skilled workforce. This project aims to discover why employers use particular strategies when sourcing skills and whether these strategies benefit their workers.Addressing employer skills needs expediently is imperative for productivity and national prosperity. Employers’ strategies have profound implications for the workforce and the Australian labour market, particularly at a time of rising unemployment. This project will study why employers increasingly ‘buy’ skills externally, through recruitment and sponsored immigration, rather than ‘build’ skills internally through employee development strategies. Understanding how immigration and domestic policy mechanisms addressing employer and labour market needs is expected to inform policy development on this vital issue.

Cracking the Glass Cultural Ceiling (2017)

M@WRG Investigators: Dimitria Groutsis

Since the introduction in 2010 of the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations on Diversity, leading Australian organisations have increasingly invested in developing a gender balanced leadership pipeline. Diversity Council of Australia’s Capitalising on Culture in ASX Ranks saw a parallel interest in organisations building a culturally diverse leadership pipeline. However, to-date, these efforts have largely occurred independently of each other, resulting in a notable under-representation of culturally diverse women in Australian leadership ranks – this holds true whether comparing culturally diverse and non-culturally diverse women, or culturally diverse and women and men. This project aims to address this neglect by undertaking interviews with culturally diverse female leaders in a broad range of occupations and industries; focus groups in Sydney and Melbourne and a survey of women who are located in the talent pipeline and senior leadership suite.

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