Douglas Abdiel on Google's Big Query
9 Dec 2016


The MEAFA research group invites you to attend a free hands-on workshop that will demonstrate Google's capabilities for uploading, storing, reducing and extracting relational databases.


The workshop presenter is Douglas Abdiel who works for Google Analytics 360 support for the Asia Pacific region, providing technical assistance to the largest publishers and advertisers in this region. His role involves creating measurement plans for businesses, and ensuring that infrastructure is properly working for collecting and analyzing the data required for their business needs.


The workshop will provide an overview of how to apply Google's infrastructure for uploading, storing, reducing, and extracting relational databases. By the end of this workshop, you will know how to:

  • upload and work with large datasets,
  • preform basic SQL-like queries to reduce dataset size and perform basic analytic functions on multi-terabyte datasets,
  • export the data to your analysis platform of choice.

The workshop begins with a presentation on Google's infrastructure and a brief overview of relational databases. A practical exercise will follow for creating a project, uploading data, analyzing and extracting data, and performing basic statistical analysis. The workshop concludes with discussion, and user-specific questions regarding additional tools used/provided by Google for data storage/analysis.

The workshop will conclude with a discussion on Google's Cloud Datalab. This hosts a virtual machine that can automatically deploy a virtual machine and integrate Big Query.


This is a hands-on workshop and you are required to bring your own laptop, or sit-back and observe. For external participants, wireless access to the University network will be provided.

The workshop will largely run using Google's online facilities which can be accessed via any internet browser. For the data analysis part, participants will need access to a spreadsheet facility (Excel or Google Docs), and the R-project software which can be freely installed from here:

The workshop will not provide training on R so the users must be somewhat familiar with the software or just sit back and observe for that part (for basic R training see In any case, R is not the focus of the workshop at all. The focus is Google Big Query which can be accessed online. Whatever is shown with R can be equally done with any other statistical software, such as Stata or SAS.


Welcoming tea and coffee will be offered between 9:30-10:00. The workshop runs from 10:00-12:30. Light lunch will follow. Reservation is essential.


The workshop will take place at the Abercrombie Building University of Sydney Business School, Case Study Lecture Theatre 1170. For an interactive map, see Campus Maps and search for Abercrombie Building.


This is free event but reservation is essential. To reserve a place please email stating your name and organisation, and any special dietary requirements.