MEAFA Forum on the Crisis in Financial Markets

14:00-17:00, Thursday 02 April 2009


  • 16 Apr 2009: You can read a full 10-page report on what was discussed at the forum in MEAFA's blog.
  • 11 Mar 2009: Due to overwhelming demand, we had to transfer the forum to a venue with greater capacity. The event will now take place at the WP Young Room, Veterinary Science Conference Centre, Science Road, the University of Sydney.


This is a 3-hour informal forum with a set of short talks and audience commentaries on the current international financial crisis. Speakers include MEAFA members and other invited scholars from the University of Sydney.

The forum will cover most aspects of the crisis, responding to questions such as: what the crisis says at a technical level concerning finance theory and practice; what part accounting reforms have played; what individual behavioural forces are at work; what sociological problems have been revealed in the business and wider communities; what role US and other house prices have played; who are the winners and losers; how corporate, banking and regulatory sectors of society should respond; what ever happened in the US to cause all this and what will happen next; and whether markets will learn from the casualties or will it all happen again soon enough?

This free fully-funded event, will be a social gathering open to all staff members and research students interested. Drinks and snacks will be served.


The forum is convened by Prof David Johnstone from the Discipline of Finance, who is one of the founding members of MEAFA, and will be moderated by Prof Graeme Dean from the Discipline of Accounting, who sits on the Advisory Board of MEAFA. The forum is co-organised by MEAFA's General Convenor, Dr Demetris Christodoulou.


14:00-17:00, Thursday 02 April 2009


Prof Graeme Dean, Accounting (MEAFA)
Introductory Remarks 416KB


Prof David Johnstone, Finance (MEAFA)
What it all Means for Efficient Markets and Finance Theory 147KB


Prof Alex Frino, Finance
An Insider's Understanding from the Markets 1.9MB


Prof Robert Walker, Accounting
When Will the Auditors Get a Mention? And What About IFRS? 60KB


Prof John Roberts, Accounting
Accounting for Self-Interest in the Financial Crisis 289KB


Adjunct Prof Wayne Lonergan, Accounting and Lonergan Edwards & Associates Ltd
Bubbles and Big Numbers: How Could it Happen? 2.4MB


Prof Geoffrey Garratt, Chief Executive Officer of the US Studies Centre at the University of Sydney
The US is to Blame, or is it?


Break for Drinks


All Speakers and Audience
Open Discussion


Snacks and Drinks


The event will take place at the WP Young Room, Veterinary Science Conference Centre, Science Road, the University of Sydney. Note that there is limited pay-and-display parking space.

Financial Suport

MEAFA acknowledges the financial support from the Discipline of Finance, The University of Sydney Business School.