IBM: Cognitive - The 3rd Era of Computing, 2pm, Friday 20 Oct 2017

The MEAFA research group invites you to attend a presentation on cognitive computing and the future of artificial intelligence by Prof. Dr. Jürg von Känel, Associate Director, IBM Research Australia.


The presenter is Prof. Dr. Jürg von Känel, Associate Director, IBM Research Australia, Member IBM Academy of Technology and Honorary Enterprise Professor, School of Engineering, University of Melbourne. Prof. Dr. Jürg von Känel studied math and computer science at ETH Zürich and holds a PhD in Computer Science (1991). He joined IBM in 1985 in Zürich Switzerland and in 1991 he moved to the TJ Watson Research center in the US and most recently managed the relationship between Research and the financial services industries. In 2004, he initiated an Enterprise Risk & Compliance Framework focused primarily on the financial industry. This led to the Treasury & Risk magazine listing him as one of the 100 most influential people in finance in 2006. In 2011 he moved to Melbourne to take on the build up of the new Research lab in Australia. In 2015 he was appointed Honorary Enterprise Professor at the University Melbourne, School of Engineering.


Computing started out as automation of record keeping, the counting and sorting of tabulated data. With the introduction of generally programmable computers in the 1950's more complex operations and analysis of tabulated and highly structured data became feasible. Cognitive computing is a whole new approach to computing, where computers learn from a large variety of data and information and allow humans to start interacting with computers and information using natural language. In this talk, Prof. Dr. Jürg von Känel will give a short overview of the history, and then focus on the current state of the art in showing examples of todays art of the possible using various kinds of information such as image, voice, natural language texts form short texts like tweets to long reports, and how this starts to allow to tackle problems previously not considered part of what computers can solve, from answering questions to finding pre/con arguments to analysing human personality traits. Prof. Dr. Jürg von Känel will show that all of these are driven by the human desire to make sense of our world using data and the computer becomes an interactive assistant to the human decision maker.

Time and place

The presentation is scheduled for 2pm on Friday 20 October 2017, at the ABS Case Study Lecture Theatre 1060. For an interactive map, see Campus Maps and search for Abercrombie Building.


This is free event but reservation is essential. To reserve a place please email stating your name and organisation.