Strategic Aims

  • Promote cross-disciplinary research within The University of Sydney Business School by implementing a programme of joint research on Methodological and Empirical Advances in Financial Analysis, relevant to stakeholders, policy makers and market regulators, in Australia and beyond.
  • Develop a dynamic research infrastructure to encourage a collaborative scholarly environment across the disciplines of Accounting, Finance and Operations Management and Econometrics for investigating issues of analytical correctness, precision and reliability of estimates in applied financial analysis.
  • Facilitate interaction between senior member of staff and early career researchers.
  • Communicate results through seminars, workshops, conference presentations and publications in academic journals and commercial textbooks.
  • Provide cross-disciplinary supervision to higher research degree students, PhD and honours, with an interest in the topics covered by MEAFA.
  • Design and provide advanced quantitative research training to academia, industry and government.
  • Facilitate the exchange of relevant research expertise between Australian and New Zealand institutions.
  • Establish links with leading international institutions through individual researchers but also through other established international research networks.
  • Establish industry links with private institutions, companies, policy makers and standard setters.