MEAFA Honours Supervision

MEAFA's mission involves the establishment of a dynamic research infrastructure that traverses disciplinary boundaries to enable the development of theoretical and analytical results, and the investigation of their precision and reliability in applied financial analysis. MEAFA's definition of financial analysis is the analysis on the informational environment of a firm.

MEAFA also has the mission to provide research training and cross-disciplinary supervision to research students, and honours students opting to work on a MEAFA cross-disciplinary topic should expect to undertake cross-disicplinary training. MEAFA funding may be provided for enriching honours students training.

The left-hand side menu provides a list of current honours topics and a list of MEAFA supervisors currently available and willing to engage in a cross-disciplinary sueprvision of honours students.


Honours students need to be enrolled or plan to be enrolled in a Business School discipline of their choice. The MEAFA honours supervision does not overwrite any disciplinary process but works closely with the respective honours coordinators within the discipline's set processes to offer a genuine cross-disciplinary experience.

Interested current or future potential honours students may contact Demetris Christodoulou (MEAFA General Convenor) in order to discuss research topics and suitable supervision arrangements.

MEAFA Honours Students