Available Supervisors

Below is an alphabetical list of MEAFA members, with their fields of expertise, who are currently available and are willing to participate in the supervision of a MEAFA cross-disciplinary honours:

  • Dr Neal Arthur, Accounting
    Corporate regulation, earnings management, corporate boards and leadership, safe harbour rules, takeover markets.
  • Dr Stephen Cheung, Economics
    experimental economics, behavioural finance, economic education, labour economics.
  • Dr Demetris Christodoulou, Accounting
    Financial statement analysis, equity valuation, applied microeconometrics, statistical computation, data visualisation.
  • Dr Peter Exterkate, Economics
    Financial econometrics, large data sets, nonlinear methods, robust methods
  • Prof Richard Gerlach, Business Analytics
  • Bayesian statistics, computationally intensive methods, Markov Chain Monte Carlo estimation, time series analysis, forecasting.
  • Dr Dmytro Matsypura, Business Analytics
  • operations research, management science, optimisation, critical element detection in graphs, ecology.
  • Prof Bo Nielsen, International Business
    strategic collaboration, firm internationalization, knowledge management across borders.
  • A/Prof Graham Partington, Finance
    Dividend policy, cost of capital, capital budgeting, equity valuation, financial distress.
  • Dr Laurent Pauwels, Business Analytics
    Panel data analysis, structural change in time series and panels, discrete choice models, forecast combinations, economic crises.
  • A/Prof Artem Prokhorov, Business Analytics
    Copulas, stochastic frontier analysis, statistical learning, discrete choice modelling, heavy tail foreasting.
  • Dr Agnieszka Tymula, Economics
    Behavioural economics, neuroeconomics, experimental Economics, neurofinance.
  • Dr Marcel Scharth, Business Analytics
    High-dimensional estimation, Bayesian statistics, state-space models, sequential Monte Carlo, financial econometrics
  • Dr Andrey Vasnev, Business Analytics
    Forecast combinations,sensitivity analysis.