The MEAFA Stata Resources are made available by Demetris Christodoulou (MEAFA General Convenor) and Andrey Vasnev (MEAFA Business School Member).

MEAFA's Stata Expertise

MEAFA specialises in providing research training for quantitative analysis using Stata, at different levels:

Stata manual

The manual Introduction to Stata and the Management of Data is available for PC versions 9 and 10. This manual has proven to be a big hit worldwide, with more than 1,000 requests from 75 countries/sovereign states. The manual for v.11 will not be released because StataPress has approached Demetris Christodoulou to write a book on Using Stata for Financial Research and some of the material from this manual will also appear updated in the book.

Stata video tutorials

The video tutorials are designed to give a gentle introduction to Stata for beginners.

Stata graphs

The examples of Stata graphs are of varying difficulty, with an emphasis on using simple programming for enhancing data visualisation.

Stata code from journal publications

Soon, we hope to release Stata code that was used in published journal articles.