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Box Plot1


Boxplot over groups of three categorical variables. Special coding features include the use of SMCL in graph titles, the automation of axes labels, and the use of special ASCII characters using the _c ... more »

Density Estimation


Parametric density functions of ratios of normal distributions based on the results demonstrated by Geary (1930, J of the Royal Statistical Society) and Marsaglia (1965, J of the American Statistical ... more »

QQ Plot1


Quantile-quantile plot by contrasting Eurozone to non-Eurozone EU jurisdictions. Special coding features include the separation of a variable to two vectors based on a binary response, assigning value ... more »

Scatter 1


Overlapping scattergraphs per group with multiple axes. This graph is useful for contrasting the gradient of the linear fit by suppressing the differential effect of the intercept. Special coding ... more »