About the Migrants@Work Research Group

The Migrants@Work Research Group includes researchers interested in the international mobility and the national, cross-cultural and workplace diversity management of migrant men and women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. It seeks to develop networks by developing a cross disciplinary research community focused on various aspects of global migration by linking with the national and international research community; business groups; government and non government agencies.

The most recent census revealed that 26% of Australia's population is born overseas. When we include those with one parent born overseas, the proportion of the population in this category is 44% (ABS, 2011). Understanding the relations and links between home and host country stakeholders involved in the migration process; the continuing reliance on migrant workers to fill critical skill shortages in the labour market and the approach to managing cultural and linguistic and ethno-religious diversity in Australian workplaces, is therefore of critical importance both now and in the future.