Gender, Work & Organization

7th International Interdisciplinary Conference

27th - 29th June 2012
Keele University, UK

Career and Transition: Women Crossing Boundaries

Laurie Cohen, Business and Economics, Loughborough University, Englad
Joanne Duberley, Business School, Birmingahm University, England
Dimitria Groutsis, University of Sydney Business School, Australia
Diane Vandenbroek, University of Sydney Business School, Australia

In recent years careers scholars have been preoccupied with questions about boundaries, in particular coalescing around questions of boundarylessness. (e.g. Bagdadli et al., 2003; Guest & Mackenzie Davey, 1996; Gunz et al., 2000 Cohen & Mallon, 1999; Jacoby, 1999) and critiques of this concept. At the 7th International Interdisciplinary Gender work and Organization Conference we recently engaged in debate about boundaryless careers and critically evaluated the notion of boundary crossing. This successful stream at GWO has also been considered for a special issue in the Journal Gender Work and Organization. This call for papers on Career, Gender and Mobility will invite concepts of mobility and migration, gender and career at macro, meso and micro levels, with a particular interest in papers looking at the experiences of women in less economically developed countries.