The Group and its aims are in line with current University strategy to promote inter-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary research and, national and international research collaboration.

The Migrants@Work Research Group at the University of Sydney is comprised of a cluster of researchers. Within the University of Sydney, the group has members from the Disciplines of Work and Organisational Studies and Operations Management, Political Economy and Sociology from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, The Sydney Law School.


Academic Membership

  • Assoc. Professor Susan McGrath-Champ (WOS, School of Business, University of Sydney)
  • Dr Chris F Wright (WOS, School of Business, University of Sydney)
  • Dr Stephen Clibborn (WOS, School of Business, University of Sydney)
  • Professor John Buchanan (Workplace Relations Centre, University of Sydney)
  • Dr Betina Szkudlarek (International Business, School of Business, University of Sydney)
  • Professor Stephen Castles (Research Chair in Sociology, School of Social and Political Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Sydney)
  • Dr Anna Boucher (Department of Government and International Relations, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Sydney)
  • Associate Professor Gaby Ramia (Graduate School Government, University of Sydney)
  • Professor Michele Forde (Faculty of Arts and Social Science, School of Languages and Culture, University of Sydney)
  • Professor Nicola Piper (Professor of International Migration Director, Master of Human Rights and Democratisation (Asia-Pacific), University of Sydney)
  • Associate Professor Stuart Rosewarne (Political Economy, School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Sydney)
  • Professor Mary Crock (Professor of Public Law, University of Sydney)
  • Professor John Connell, (School of Geosciences, University of Sydney)
  • Professor Lesleyanne Hawthorne (Melbourne University)
  • Associate Professor Toni Schofield (Discipline of Behavioural & Social Sciences in Health, Health Sciences, University of Sydney)
  • Professor Stephanie Short (Discipline of Behavioural & Social Sciences in Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, the University of Sydney)
  • Dr Joel Negin, (International Public Health, Director of Research, School of Public Health, University of Sydney)
  • Professor Jock Collins (Professor of Management, UTS Business School, NSW)
  • Professor Lucy Taksa (Department of Business Faculty of Business and Economics, Macquarie University)
  • Associate Professor Ellie Vasta (Department of Sociology, Macquarie University)

Business, NGO, Policy Connections & Current Partners

  • Diversity Council of Australia - contact person: Research Director, Jane O'Leary
  • Australian Human Rights Commission - contact person: Race Discrimination Commissioner, Tim Soutphommasane
  • Ethnic Communities Council (NSW) - contact person: Executive Officer, Mark Franklin
  • Settlement Services International - contact person: Chief Executive Officer, Violet Roumeliotis
  • Immigrant Women's Speakout Association - contact person: Executive Officer, Jane Brock
  • Asian Women at Work - contact person: Executive Officer, Lina Cabrero
  • Deloitte - contact person: National Partner People and Performance, Alec Bashinsky
  • E&Y - contact person: Corporate Partner, Katie Malyon

International Researcher/Research Group Links

Links have also been established with key scholars/research centres in the field of migration overseas:

  • Professor Bourgeault (Chair in Health Human Resource Policy, Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research; Director of the pan-Ontario Population Health Improvement Research Network and the Ontario Health Human Resource Research Network)
  • Professor Pringle, Professor of Organisation Studies and Director of the Gender and Diversity Research Group, AUT University, New Zealand
  • Professor Mustafa F Ozbilgin (Co-chaire Management et Diversity at Université Paris Dauphine; Professor of Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour at Brunel University)
  • Professor Min Zhou, Tan Lark Sye Chair Professor & Head of Sociology Division; Director, Chinese Heritage Centre; Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • Professor Al Ariss, Toulouse Business School, Human Resource Management Department, Toulouse, France
  • Professor Anna Triandafyllidou, Robert Schuman Institute, European University Institute
  • Professor Regine Bendl, Institute for Institute for Gender and Diversity in    Organizations University of Vienna
  • Will Harvey, Senior Lecturer in Organisation Studies, University of Exeter Business School, UK
  • Assistant Professor Mimi Zou (Faculty of Law, Chinese University of Hong Kong)
  • Associate Professor Eddy Ng (F.C. Manning Chair in Economics and Business Associate Professor, Management Dalhousie University, Canada)
  • Assistant Professor Olivia Kyriakidou (Business Faculty, Athens University of Economics and Business Athens, Greece)
  • Professor Eleonore Kofman, Professor of Gender and Migration and Citizenship, University of Middlesex, UK