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Research Networks

Through our research priorities we will seek to positively impact key areas of endeavour among industry, community, and government enterprises and in doing so improve their performance to benefit the economy and society within Australia and across geographical and cultural boundaries.

These priorities will also inform what we teach and how we teach the current and next generation of leaders, further empowering them to make changes that better prepare their organisations for the major economic and social challenges they face.

If you would like to participate in or have a general inquiry for the University of Sydney Business School's Research Networks please contact:

Research Development Coordinator

Glenn Howell
T +61 2 9351 6625

Balanced Enterprise Research Network

Network Leader - Professor Christopher Wright

The Balanced Enterprise Research Network generates new insights into how businesses can better balance economic, social and environmental concerns and create shared value for a broad range of stakeholders (including shareholders, employees, consumers, communities and society). The Network explores ways in which business, government, and not-for- profit enterprises strategically create and manage this balance in their day-to-day operations.

The Network aims to foster innovative and influential research which informs the ways in which organisations can anticipate and respond to the key challenges of the coming decades including environmental degradation, climate change, poverty, social inclusion and financial stability.

Australia China Business Network

Network Leader - Professor Hans Hendrischke

China has emerged as a major global trading power, portfolio investor and, more importantly for Australia, outward direct investor. At the end of 2012, Australia was the largest recipient country of Chinese direct investment stock. The China and Business network publishes regular reports on Chinese direct investment into Australia.

The network's theme Globalising Australia-China Business reflects our focus on corporate actors and business strategy in Australia China business cooperation. The network's focus on the role of business institutions and the creation of new markets underpins our commitment to the Australian corporate and government sectors.

The research projects of the China Business Network reflect this orientation through cooperation with Australian business and government sectors, engagement with the Chinese business community in Australia and China and joint research and training with Chinese university partners and the University of Sydney China Studies Centre. The network's projects are collaborative and open to participants from all disciplines.

Business of Health Research Network

Network Leaders - Associate Professor Teresa Davis and Professor Corinne Mulley

The Business of Health Research Network engages with other research groups within the University as well as businesses in the health sector, community groups and policy makers. The focus of the Network is health and business related issues that impact on the quality of life enjoyed by the Australian people. Importantly, the Network works closely with the Charles Perkins Centre's Businesses, Markets and the Social Context of Health Project Node.

This creates collaborative opportunities which will provide access to data and a research profile that will benefit Network researchers.