Occasional Seminar Series

The ODSC Group hosts an occasional seminar series presented by researchers visiting the group


UK Bankers and the Rhetorical Construction of Taint: Scumbag Millionaires

Dr Kate Mackenzie Davey

Birkbeck, University of London

Knowledge Reconfigurations: Exploring Social Media in the Hospitality Industry

Professor Wanda J. Orlikowski (Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Management)

MIT Sloan School of Management


How Imbrication Leads to Organizational Complexity

Emeritus Professors Jim Taylor and Elizabeth van Every

University of Montreal, Canada

Organizational Discourse Analysis: Old Standards and New Directions

Professor Gail Fairhurst

University of Cincinnati, OH

Knots, Wickedness & Spiral Death: Making Sense of Creativity Tensions Following an Acquisition

Professor Gail Fairhurst

University of Cincinnati, OH

Identity construction and the paradox of innovation: Product-level successes and organizational-level dysfunction

Associate Professor David Oliver

HEC Montreal, Canada

Towards a Theory of Coordinating: creating Coordinating Mechanisms in Practice

Professor Paula Jarzabkowski

Aston Business School, UK

Organisational discourse and the social construction of meaning

Professor Loizos Heracleous

Warwick Business School, UK


Discourse Journeys in Innovation Territory

Professor Sally Davenport (Victoria University of Wellington, NZ) and Professor Shirley Leitch (Swinburne University of Technology)

Transgenic Imaginaries: Imagining Technoscientific Innovation

Professor Bill Doolin (Auckland University of Technology)


A Process Model of Coping with Dialectical Tensions in Organizations

Professor Paula Jarzabkowski

Aston Business School, UK

The Production of Leadership

Associate Professor Eric Guthey

Auckland Business School, New Zealand

Constructing the New Economy: A Discursive Perspective

Professor Christian De Cock and Dr Christina Volkmann

School of Business and Economics, Swansea University

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Making Sense of Finance Capitalism (2007-2009)

Professor Christian de Cock

School of Business and Economics, Swansea University

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Framing without Contests in Strategic Organizational Change Evidence from Management Consulting

Professor Matthias Kipping

Schulich School of Business, Toronto

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Artifacts in Interactions: The Production and Politics of Boundary Objects

Professor Robyn Thomas

Cardiff Business School, UK

Doing Which Work: A Practice Approach to Institutional Pluralism

Professor Paula Jarzabkowski

Aston Business School, UK


In Search of Subtlety: The Contribution of Interpretative Repertoires for the Understanding of Organizational Practice

Dr Andrea Whittle

Cardiff Business School, UK

Andrea's seminar paper and presentation aimed to develop the view of language as a practical medium that is oriented to action. Andrea drew on a 'performative' approach to discourse analysis known as Interpretive Repertoires and through micro-analysis of a data extract from a study of technological change in a UK public-private partnership she highlighted the role of adaptation, contradiction, distancing and deviation in the legitimization of new practices. In short, Andrea's argument was that discourse which contradicts, deviates and distances from the institutionally legitimate 'script' can actually facilitate rather than undermine the reproduction of institutional norms.


Jumping off the Head of a Pin: Analysing Organisational Spaces

Dr Andre Spicer

Warwick Business School, UK

Sense-making, Organization and Time

Dr Ida Sebalis

Free University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A discourse analysis of speakable emotions in a College of Further Education: Apollonians 1: Dionysians : 0

Dr Christine Coupland

Nottingham University Business School, UK


The Australian National Organisation Study

Professor Don Tomaskovic Devey (North Carolina State University) and

Professor Sandra Harding (Queensland University of Technology)

Management Information Systems: A Mediator of Management Decision-Making

Professor Peter Cunningham

University of Port Elizabeth, South Africa