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Managing Employee Performance and Reward

2007 John Shields Cover

John Shields, Discipline of Work and Organisational Studies

Managing Employee Performance and Reward, Cambridge University Press, Melbourne.

Managing Employee Performance and Reward is the first major academic text to explore employee performance and reward in a conceptually integrated way. It offers students, managers and general readers alike a detailed and cohesive coverage of these two pivotal and closely connected yet controversial and challenging facets of human resource management (HRM).

The book critically examines current theory and practice in each field and provides a conceptually informed yet practical framework for analysing and addressing the myriad performance and reward issues that confront today's managers and HRM professionals. In doing so, it draws on a wide range of up-to-date research evidence drawn from a wide range of academic disciplines - from organisational psychology and strategic management to critical management studies.

Managing Employee Performance and Reward is written with prescriptive intent but from a pluralist and constructively critical perspective. Invoking a multi-stakeholder perspective, it places special emphasis on what it really means to practise performance and reward management both strategically and fairly.

Chapters addressing performance and reward basics and key themes in employee psychology and human resource strategy are followed by multi-chapter parts dealing with options for performance management practice, for structuring and managing base pay and benefits, and for configuring performance-related rewards for individual employees, work groups and executives. Each part includes a major "hands-on" case study exercise, complete with model solutions.

Crafted for a global readership, the book will have particular appeal to those studying and practicing people management in the Asia-Pacific Region.