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Labour History

Labour History Cover

A Journal of Labour and Social History

Editor: John Shields

The interdisciplinary nature of labour history, and its acceptance of less traditional sources, including folklore and oral testimony, make it a fascinating field, alive to past and present social justice issues.

Published by the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History (ASSLH), the journal has been appearing twice yearly since 1962 and is the premier outlet for refereed, scholarly articles in its field in Australasia.

Because ASSLH aims to raise historical awareness in the community, Labour History also publishes essays, reviews, and memoirs that reflect the involvement of labour historians in the making of history.

Labour History works with JSTOR to provide a full-text online edition of the journal. Subscribers receive the print edition of the journal and gain access to the online edition. For more information, visit the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History's Labour History online webpage.

At, you can view the journal's Contents pages and Abstracts. While the Contents cover issue no. 1 to the present, the Abstracts proceed from issue no. 74 (May 1998) onwards.

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