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Recently Completed HDR Theses


Candidate Thesis Title Abstract Completed Supervisor
Lisa Marini

Accountability and transparency surrounding microloan disclosure practices

2017 Sandra van der Laan; Jane Andrew
Le Ma Two studies on intangible assets: its management and economic impact Available 2017 Demetris Christodoulou; Andrey Vasnev
Puja Devendra Ladva All Your Time, All The Time: A Critical Ethnography in a Knowledge-intensive Firm Available 2015 Assoc Prof Jane Andrew; Dr Cornelia Beck
Milica Simic Misic Crossing a Threshold: Using the SOLO Taxonomy and Exemplars to Facilitate Students' Conceptual Understanding of Depreciation in Introductory Accounting Available 2015 Assoc Prof Rosina Mladenovic; Dr Amani Bell
Rosyln Anne Roberts Goodwill Impairment: A study of Australian Companies 2007 - 2013 Available 2015 Dr M. Shumi Akhtar; Prof Suresh Cuganesan

Business Analytics

Candidate Thesis Title Abstract Completed Supervisor
Maia Jofre Fighting Accounting Fraud through Forensic Analytics Available 2017 Richard Gerlach
Chao Wang Bayesian parametric and semi-parametric financial tail-risk forecasting incorporating range and realized measures Available 2015 Prof Richard Gerlach; Dr Boris Choy
Cheng Qian Multidimensional Bidding and Negotiation in Supplier Selection Available 2015 Prof Eddie Anderson
Christian Contino A Bayesian approach to risk management in a world of high-frequency data Available 2015 Prof Richard Gerlach
Lusheng Shao Competitive Bidding in Supply Chains Available 2014 Prof Eddie Anderson ; Dr Erick Li

Business Information Systems

Candidate Thesis Title Abstract Completed Supervisor
Christian Ehnis Social Media within Emergency Management Organisations - A case study exploring Social Media utilisation for Emergency and Disaster Management Available 2018 Deborah Bunker; Sebastian Boell
Ella Hafermalz The performative office: A multi-case problematization of remote working Available 2016 Kai Riemer; Bradon Ellem
Maxim Soyref The holistic management of information security processes Available 2014 Assoc Prof Philip Seltsikas; Prof Tyrone Carlin
Jeffrey Lim Decision Making under Uncertainty: An Investigation into the Effects of Decision Context, Information Characteristics and Decision Aid on Performance 2012 Prof Marcus O'Connor
Paul Scifleet Making Sense of Digital Documentary Practice: A common denominator for discourse 2010 Prof Susan P. Williams


Candidate Thesis Title Abstract Completed Supervisor
Sol Chung Equity-Based Compensation for Executives and Firm Performance: Evidence from Australia Available 2017 Susan Thorp
Jo Zhang An Empirical Investigation On The Post-Earnings Announcement Drift And AlgorithmicTrading 2017 Douglas Foster; Joakim Westerholm
Bochen Wu Intangible assets and financial analysts herding behavior 2017 Juan Yao; David Johnstone
He Huang The welfare implications of CDS trading 2017 Jiri Svec; Andrew Ainsworth
Ye Ye Strategic behaviour in corporations 2017 Shumi Akhtar

Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies

Candidate Thesis Title Abstract Completed Supervisor
Collins Teye The siting of multi-user inland intermodal container terminals in transport networks 2017 Michael Bell; Michiel Bliemer
Camila Balbontin Integrating Decision Heuristics And Behavioural Refinements Into Travel Choice Models Available 2017 David Hensher; Andrew Collins
Christopher Standen The value of slow travel: An econometric method for valuing the user benefits of active transport infrastructure Available 2017 Stephen Greaves; Andrew Collins
Asif Ahmed Human Energy Expenditures and Travel Time Budgets Available 2014 Prof Peter Stopher; Prof Peter Greaves
Li Shen Innovative Procedures for Travel Data Collection and Processing Available 2014 Prof Peter Stopher; Prof Peter Greaves

International Business

Candidate Thesis Title Abstract Completed Supervisor
Abz Sharma Life After Death: The Routinisation of Charismatic Leadership at Apple and Hewlett-Packard Available 2017 Catherine Welch
Gordon Perchthold Western Financial Services Multinationals Differential Pathways to Commitment to Internationalisation in Asia: The Impact of Administrative Structures on Reverse Knowledge Transfer and Absorptive Capacity Available 2017 Sid Gray
Michael Imstepf Exploring the black box of early-stage entrepreneurial planning: Hermeneutical insights from case research Available 2012 Prof Richard Dunford
Susan Wong Development and utilization of international business network for knowledge transfer and value creation: A comparative study of internationalizing SMEs in Australia's and China's creative industries 2012 Sid Gray
Yinghui Liu Factors Influencing the Location and Control of Foreign MNEs in China: The Case of Liaoning Province Available 2009 Prof Sid Gray; Prof Ben Tipton


Candidate Thesis Title Abstract Completed Supervisor
Nguyen (Beo) Thai Eliminating Choice Overload Effects: The Roles of Self-threat, Power, and Haptics Available 2017 Ulku Yuksel
Kate Charlton Beyond Recall: Exploring How Players Build Brand Knowledge Through Virtual In-Game Product Experiences Available 2014 Dr Teresa Davis; Prof Donnel Briley
Modelling the Evolution of Business Relationships and Networks as Complex Adaptive Systems Available 2013 Prof Ian Wilkinson
Zuraidah Sulaiman Perceived recourse and redress risk (PRRR): conceptualisation and preliminary scale development Available 2013 Prof Charles Areni
Zullina Hussain Shari Mass Media Portrayals Of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs): The Influence On The Perceived Likelihood Of Organisational Success Available 2013 Prof David Grant; Dr Rohan Miller

Work and Organisational Studies

Candidate Thesis Title Abstract Completed Supervisor
Susan Belardi If you can’t stand the heat: the role of job quality in recruitment and retention in Australian restaurants Available 2017 Angela Knox; Chris F. Wright
Ella Hafermalz The performative office: A multi-case problematization of remote working Available 2016 Kai Riemer; Bradon Ellem
Meraiah Foley Mothers in Company: the entrepreneurial motivations of self-employed mothers in Australia Available 2015 Prof Marian Baird; Assoc Prof Rae Cooper
Jia Lin Zhao “Feel-good” Factors at Work: A Study of the Roles of Positive Affectivity and Individualism as Moderators of the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Work Well-being Available 2014 Prof John Shields; Betina Szkudlarek
Elinor Meredith Becoming a Profession? - Executive Coaching in Australia Available 2014 Assoc Prof Richard Hall; Assoc Prof Jim Kitay