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Recently Completed PhD Theses


Candidate Thesis Title Abstract Completed Supervisor
Chang-Yuan Loh Factors influencing the decision-making of third party consultants in the context of evaluating escalation of commitment Available 2014 Dr Rodney Coyte;
Professor Mandy Cheng (UNSW)
Cameron Esslemont A disjointed incremental discourse to visualise assurance of learning Available 2014 Professor Graeme Dean;
Associate Professor Sandy van der Laan
Lachlan Tuite International Accounting Standards And Financial Stability 2013 Professor Graeme Dean;
Professor Sue Newberry
Anna Young On trying to make investment responsible: an analysis of integrating environmental, social, and corporate governance issues into institutional investment processes Available 2013 Prof John Roberts;
Dr Christina Boedker
Matthew Egan Water management and accounting change: a study of food and beverage producing organisations Available 2012 Assoc Prof Geoff Frost

Business Analytics

Candidate Thesis Title Abstract Completed Supervisor
Nuttanan Wichitaksorn Bayesian Analysis of Financial Time Series Models and Limited Dependent Variable Models using Symmetric and Asymmetric Distributions 2013 Dr Boris Choy; Assoc Prof Richard Gerlach
Brent Hudson Modelling the Covariance Dynamics of Multivariate Financial Time Series Available 2012 Assoc Prof Richard Gerlach
Qian Chen Bayesian Methods for Estimation, Inference and Forecasting of Flexible Models for Value-at-Risk and Tail Conditional Expectations Available 2011 Assoc Prof Richard Gerlach
San-Nah Sze A study on multi-trip vehicle routing problem with time windows and meal break considerations Available 2011 Dr Ada Ng
Anastasios Panagiotelis Bayesian Estimation of Flexible Multivariate Econometric Models Available 2009 Prof Michael Smith; Assoc Prof Richard Gerlach

Business Information Systems

Candidate Thesis Title Abstract Completed Supervisor
Jeffrey Lim Decision Making under Uncertainty: An Investigation into the Effects of Decision Context, Information Characteristics and Decision Aid on Performance 2012 Prof Marcus O'Connor
Paul Scifleet Making Sense of Digital Documentary Practice: A common denominator for discourse 2010 Prof Susan P. Williams
Samantha Lee Advice giving: A theory of advice formulation Available 2009 Prof Marcus O'Connor
Rajat Dhawan Stochastic approach to system dynamics and its effect on managerial decision making Available 2008 Prof Marcus O'Connor; Dr Mark Borman
Janine Holgate Governance Arrangements for Enterprise Information Protection: An Australian Critical Infrastructure Perspective Available 2008 Assoc Prof Sue Williams; Dr Catherine Hardy


Candidate Thesis Title Abstract Completed Supervisor
Wang Wei Essays on Information Asymmetry and Price Impact in Market Microstructure Available 2014 Dr Quan Gan
Craig Mellare Three Essays on Pricing and Market Behaviour around Corporate Acts and Information Releases Available 2013 Prof Alex Frino
Annica Rose An Analysis of Investor Trading Behaviour and Its Impact on Trade Execution, Market Quality and Stock Returns Available 2013 Assoc Prof Joakim Westerholm
Min Zhu Return predictability and its implications for portfolio selection Available 2012 Dr Maxwell Stevenson
Richard Philip Doubling Times in Finance Available 2012 Assoc Prof Graham

Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies

Candidate Thesis Title Abstract Completed Supervisor
Zeyan Zhang Supply Chain Disruption Costs Study in International Containerised Maritime Transportation Available 2014 Prof David Hensher
Joe Fai Poon Analysing the effects of travel information on public transport traveller's decision making and learning 2014 Prof Peter Stopher
Wai Yan Leong Embedding Decision Heuristics in Discrete Choice Models: Assessing the MERITS of Majority of Confirming Dimensions, Extremeness Aversion, and Reference Revision Available 2014 Prof David Hensher
Chi-Hong Tsai A Longitudinal Study on the Linkage between Public Transport Demand and Land Use Characteristics: A Pseudo Panel Approach Available 2013 Prof Corinne Mulley
Claudine Moutou Sustainable transport access in town centres: A goal-orientated decision-making perspective on the adaptive power of small business Available 2013 Prof Corinne Mulley

International Business

Candidate Thesis Title Abstract Completed Supervisor
Michael Imstepf Exploring the black box of early-stage entrepreneurial planning: Hermeneutical insights from case research Available 2012 Prof Richard Dunford
Yinghui Liu Factors Influencing the Location and Control of Foreign MNEs in China: The Case of Liaoning Province Available 2009 Prof Sid Gray; Prof Ben Tipton


Candidate Thesis Title Abstract Completed Supervisor
Fabian Held Modelling the Evolution of Business Relationships and Networks as Complex Adaptive Systems Available 2013 Prof Ian Wilkinson
Fiona Quinn The Foreign Direct Investment Location Decision: A Contingency Model of the Foreign Direct Investment Location Decision-Making Process Available 2012 Prof Ellen Garbarino; Prof Chris Styles
Marjan Jalali Attenuating Consumer Reactance to Threatening Messages: The Moderating Role of Construal Level Available 2011 Prof Donnel Briley
En Li Attitudes Embodied in Eye Movements: The Reading Direction Effect 2011 Prof Donnel Briley
Sean McNally Determination of interaction effects in expectations for post-event information on memory for items in a service encounter Available 2010 Prof Elizabeth Cowley

Work and Organisational Studies

Candidate Thesis Title Abstract Completed Supervisor
Caroline Burns Corporate Real Estate as a Performance-enhancing Organisational Resource in a Knowledge Work Context: A Study of Top Australian Law Firms Available 2014 Prof John Shields
Marie-Theresa Edbauer The practice of international transfer management: Pluralism and politics in multinational firms Available 2014 Prof Christopher Wright
Elisabeth Kirby Will We Ever Learn From History? The Impact of Economic Orthodoxy on Unemployment during the Great Depression in Australia Available 2013 Prof Greg Patmore
Stephen Clibborn Managing from Afar: International Transfer of Employment Relations Policies and Practices in US Multinational Corporations Available 2013 Prof Russell Lansbury
Peggy Trompf Another brick in the wall:responses of the State to workplace fatalities in the New South Wales construction industry Available 2013 Dr Mark Westcott