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Discipline of Operations Management and Econometrics

Seasonality, quality and short strategies of prices. The case of the Alicante-London Market

Dr Fernando Jose Garrigos Simon, Technical University of Valencia, Spain

29th Oct 2010  11:00 am - Room 498, Merewether Building

This paper focuses on airline prices in the Alicante-London market. It introduces a model of prices and analyses price evolution over short periods to observe the incidence of seasonality, the types of firms involved, timetabling, types of airport, competitiveness, and variables such as the price of jet fuel and the rate of exchange used by airlines to establish prices.

The paper analyses these variables in three seasons to compare the strategies of the companies. The results show the relative incidence of all variables analysed, and stress the relevance of seasonality and competitiveness in the price strategies followed by the different types of company