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Business Information Systems

Transformational Journey of a Retail Organisation Towards Bi-Influenced Strategy Creation

Petri Hallikainen, University of Sydney

18th Jul 2012  10:00 am - 11:00 am Room 214/215, H69 - Economics and Business Building

The research examines how the upward and downward strategic influence of the head of the BI unit in the case organization evolved over time and the BI perspective became legitimate in the organization. The analysis covers a decade long period of time. We engaged in an Action Research (AR) inquiry where the change process was explored through the first-hand experiences of one of the co-authors. The model of the strategic agency of middle managers was applied in the analysis. Our study demonstrates that a reciprocal relation between top management and head of the BI unit is necessary for enabling the interaction between BI and strategy making. This interaction capability could help organizations find those innovative solutions that make a difference in the market place and provide the competitive edge over the competitors.